Sunday, December 23, 2012

Project: Repainting Barbie Doll

The other day I was thinking, and dreaming when I will get my first resin BJD. I know who she is, I'm just waiting the artist to open the preorder. So, since she is an elf, I was thinking about her elf outfits: elegant elf at the LOTR style, archer elf, possible nymph... and then I realized that... elfs needs a horse to ride! And instantly my mind went directly to it: I had a Barbie horse that could be usable! I explained my idea to my always pacient hubby, and rushed to my mum's house, striked my old room, and found the glorious box of the named horse.

The horse is now in a poor state. It is the Nibbles model form 1995 -damn I was young... not that now I'm too old, but time passes by-, and I always hated those big human-like eyes, with eye-shadow. The painting now has chips everywhere, it is rater dusty, and the hair/tail is pretty messy too. So, I told myself: Kitty had her princess outfit finished not too much ago, i won't let her naked again and start another sewing project *so* fast, so... the horse would be. This will be my first repainting/upgrading of a doll like this, but I hope do it right. I already read a lot about this on the internet.

This will be the main post about the project, and I will be updating with the links to the news posts, as the projects goes on. I will paint the saddle too, and make some new things for it, so it will looke more realistic... at least, I will try to do so. The "to do" list, is as follow:

"To Do" Project List:
  1. Clean the horse.
  2. Clean the saddle.
  3. Remove the old painting.
  4. Wash hair/tail.
  5. New haircut/stylish/trimming.
  6. Repaint the horse.
  7. Repaint the saddle.
  8. Repourposing its box.
  9. Sew some stuffed cushions.
  10. Make some hair-nets/protectors to preserve the new haircut while boxed.


This list is subject to change as the project moves forward. You will be able to find a direct link to this post in the sidebar, in a little preview image. For now, this is the poor state of the almost-forgotten-now-one-again-found horse:

Initial state of the horse, before the project begins.

BTW, I really don't know how I will be naming it, or if I will asign a gender to it. Oh, an another thing. I got like 50+ pics of Kitty in her new outfit, I just need to crop/edit/watermark/select to make the first gallery of the blog!


  1. What doll do you wanna buy? I guess it can't be a SD, since it would never be able to fit on the horse.
    But I think this is a great project! I'm excited to see it happen. I wish it would be as easy for me to find a SD sized Griffen, but there is no such thing anywhere. XD

    1. Hello Lise! It is an elf MSD, around 40cm. I believe it will be nice for the doll, and a decent match, measure wise.

      About the Griffen, you can maybe find a horse doll or something, and then customize it to make the wings, and the eagle head. It could be an interesting project.

      Thanks for the comment! I will be on this fast, given that now I have some spare time to throw on this :3

  2. You've started a great job. I will continue to progress.

  3. Hola! ya he puesto tu banner en mi blog ^o^ espero que no te importe que te comente en español, es que mi inglés es bastante regular *^* ¿qué bjd comprarás? *o* ánimo con tu proyecto, seguro que te queda genial el caballo *__* besitos!

    1. Hola! No molesta, para nada :3 Estoy esperando comprar una de artista, se llama Peregrina la casa, pero aún no la ha "lanzado" ni presentado en el DoA. Tengo la dirección, si quieres te la enseño así puedes ver la keka :3

    2. pues me gustaría mucho verla *___* es la primera vez que escucho esa casa *o*

    3. Aquí te dejo el link, la página aún está en construcción. Si estás en el BJDoll, la autora está en el foro. Suele usar el nombre Morla :3

    4. Tiene muy buena pinta *__* se la ve muy guapa <3

  4. What type of paint are you using on the horse?

    1. Hello!! I already finished this project :3 I used acrylic paints, on top of a matte sealant base.