Saturday, December 29, 2012

JID Cecile: Do Want!

When I first discovered the BJDs and its hobby, the sculpt I first saw was a Fairyland Dark Elf Soa, and it was around the 2010, I believe. Extrangely, I'm not kind on FL sculpts... I don't like their heads, their look to unrealistic to me... but I must say that I have seen some amazing customs of those sculpts. 

Then, I started searching about BJDs. I thought that I would love tinies, because I thought the other doll-sizes would be too big. Then, I made my Kitty. Don't get me wrong, I *adore* her, I do love sewing for her as almost any left-over of fabric is usefull to make some clothes for her, but I can not do something very detailed, or with many layers, because it is too much for her. And like that, I started to look for other dollies, and begun my preference for mature minis.

Iplehouse JID Cecile.
And one day, Iplehouse released Cecile. She is almost on the verge of my money barrier of how much I would pay for a doll, because taking in mind the shipping cost, and some custom + taxes of my country, she can be very expensive.

But I luuuuuuuuuuuuv her! She is so cute! I love the Peach Gold skin (did you saw the greening/yellowing test Iple did? The PC skin doesnt not green or yellow at all!), but the normal is good too. I have heard that normal skin is too light and hard to photograph correctly. But... who knows!

Body-wise, I'm good with the General Type, and the glamour breast size it is the best, but if I could (and Iple sold that way too) I will love to have the small breast too, so I will be able to make her period corsets. Oh, the power of dreams.

The only thing that I'm not sure, it is the face-up. The A one is too dark, the B one is too childish, and the C one... I dont like it: the brows and the eye-shadow is too dark, and the lips are no pinkish at all... and I do love pink and glossy lips on this doll. Who knows, again, maybe I will learn to face-up one day. And maybe, one day I will have a Cecile too :3

The pic in this thread belongs to Iple! And if you see any Cecile's custom, please show me!

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