Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Princess Dress

Model: Kitty

Size: 14[cm]

Details: hand-sew. Never used a sewing machine on this dress.

Dress Composition: underskirt, main skirt, corset, shoes, headdress.

White Princess Dress. (c) Musume 2012.

Embellished with beads, a ribbon, and lace-roses.

A lace-rose, in the skirt. Handmade by me.

The cream shawl was crocheted by my mother.

Project started on October-2012 and finished in ealy December-2012.

No project-main-post, since it was started before opening this blog.


  1. está hermosa!! el vestido te quedó perfecto! me encanta, es toda una princesa! ahora sólo le falta el príncipe :3

    1. ¡Gracias! Sí, fue un trabajo pero le quedó precioso. ¡Hoy justo pensaba en el príncipe! ¿Y si es un perrito? ¿Vestido a lo Sherlock Holmes? xD

    2. jajajaja estaría bueno!! :D