Monday, December 17, 2012

Welcome to the Blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm Musume, and I have been wanting to do this blog since long ago, but the U work didn't allow me to spend much free time. But, now that I'm about to graduate myself, I'm starting this, to keep a track on my dolly adventures.

My Kitty... Isn't she cute?
This blog is mostly about the BJD hobby (you can read the FAQ to know a little more about them), and my opinions and adventures thru it. For now (at the moment of writing this) I only have one BJD, and I did her myself. Why? Well... in that time, a little more than one year ago, I really wanted a BJD but couln't afford one, since almost all my money was U related, and I decided to make one all by myself. I got cold-porcelain -a very cheap air-dried medium-, researched a little, and then started my journey. I really loved the cute tiny anthro dolls, so I made a kitty :3... and named her Kitty.

What I most like about this hobby, it is the customization possibility. I love doing outfits for Kitty, and I will post them all in the Gallery page (gosh, I also got some background props, so I can standarize some pics on the outfits). To a full list on details on my dolls, you can also check the My Dolls page.

For now, I have many ideas for this blog, and I plan to conquer them all. I hope to learn a little more about costuming and be able to share some tutorials, and also to be able to do some interviews with BJD artist that I like.

I have been thinking and I don't know if I will make a dayle/weekly thing, since I know... those kind of things end up being like a work, and that is exactly what I dont want in this blog.

Well, I believe this is it. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back soon :)


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