Monday, January 14, 2013

Dolls I Like

Well, I just thought I will do this, just to keep a track of how my likes had change since I met BJDs for the first time. This post contains -in no particular order- the dolls I really like in the present. They are all mature minis (around 40cm tall) and female... I was talking to the hubby the other day, thinking on how many dolls I will like to have. To me, 4 or 5 sounds like reasonable numbers, with only 1 male -possible- and the rest females. But, there is a long journey ahead to get to that number... if I get.

So, the dolls are...

Withdoll Basic Rachel.
The first one is Rachel. When I first met Withdoll they only have too stylized males so I wasn't interested, but now, they have lots of pretty girls! I was really sold on Cynthia too and wasn't able to decide which one I liked better, but then someone suggested me to look on Flickr for normal skin Cynthias and I was totally dessapointed.

So Rachel it is. She is ultra cute, and has nothing I don't like. Even her factory face-up is gorgeous to me. And the price is too good to be true. They have plenty of skin tones to choose, but I like normal skin, with large bust, and face up. Oh, BTW, have you seen those to-die-for heel-shoes feet she comes with? I will wear shoes like those if I would get them on my size! The only point is: eye size. Why companies always put oversized eyes on the dolls? You can't even see her scleras!

Aquarius AQR Fairy Mia.
This is a totally new company. I saw the first post over DoA news board, and went to stalk the website. They have really nice dolls! The one I like is Mia, in light tan. Something unbelievable is that they don't charge extra fees for skin tones, so she has the same once-again-too-good-to-be-true price, and it is under $300. I'm not too kind with her face up,thought. And again I would put her smaller eyes.

The body is impressive too. Double jointed and with breast size choice, I believe she is 43 cm tall. I already saw that some people over DoA went and ordered some of the girls. I will wait and see how that goes... I don't know if I will risk myself but, someone needs to be the first buyer, right?

Souldoll Soulkid Flett
Another amazing girl. But, something extrange happened to me, with her. I was looking at her pics, and was totally sold on her face... until I reached the last one and saw her face mold without face-up. I totally hated it. I don't know why, but I hate the mold without makeup and love it with. The factory one is stunning to me.

The offer three body types with her, but my fav one is the N. L. Girl Body, because I find it pretty cool -something similar to the Withdoll one- and, if you take a closer look, the elastic are rather hidded. I heard somewhere that they came with her legs strunged separatly. Extrange. I searched over Flickr -again- owner pics of her, and was definitly sold on her. She is too cool, but she is in the verge of the amount I would pay for a doll, with like $354 since you have to pay an extra $15 fees for the new body :(. Sad panda.

Iplehouse JID Cecile.
I know I already did a post only for her, but she is way to ideal to be true. This is an example of a pricey doll, that I don't know if I want to expend so much on a doll. I know there are expensier ones, but to my standars, she is pricey. But beautifull.

I like her in peach gold skin -have you seen the yellowing test Iple did? The peach gold doesn't yellow nor green! Amazing!- with glamour bust. It is sad they don't sell the bust part alone, because a small option one will be good, to be able to sew her some corsets that indeed would look like pressin her breasts. The two things I don't like: EYES!! Why on earth would you sculpt a realistic doll and put her on some cute-anime-like gigantic eyes? Or maybe I'm too fan of smaller eyes. Anyways, I don't like any of her factory make ups.

Supia Minisup Sujin
She is the newest release of Supia in their Minisup line. I find her rather cute, and if -once again, OMG- they would put smaller eyes, she will look older. The only thing is that I stalked and searched the whole Supia site and didn't find her price anywhere (that isn't good) not a list of the options you have when purchasing (I mean body options, breast choice, skin, etc.). That is a down-vote for sure.

Another thing is, I hate Supia's tan. It looks odd to me. And most when make-upped with MSC, that the head seems way to lighter than the body, like if she is an hybrid. Always solutionable, purchasing in normal or hiring a face-up artist that doesn't work with MSC. And also, I heard nothing about their posability. It seems that this line isn't as popular as Supia Rosy is.

RingDoll RingKid Rebecca
Ringdoll. I nerver saw them, until I was stalking Alice Collections's shoe section -wanting some of those for me- and I saw they also sell dolls. Went to check every 1/4 in there, and found this girl. She has HUGE eyes for my taste -I guess you found out about that, though- but she is nice. She is that kind of scult I would like to send to a professional to get her an stunning face-up, because the default one looks way to plain for my liking.

The body looks decent, even if the head in the promotional pics isn't as good as Rebecca one. She seems to be too thin and long, but dressed she looks gorgeous. Impressive price, too, really nice. Yes, price is definitly an important factor to me. What I would do, is expend more in eyes/wigs/shoes that dolls. What would you do with 50+ dolls like I have seen?

Doll-Love Sweet Evol
She is gorgeous and that make up is stunning. The body seems pretty decent too, and the price is just too good: with normal skin, make up and the wig, she is only $232.00. Some of the dolls listed here are pricey only with the blank basic doll. But, she wouldn't be my first purchase, either. I like the blond on her too. The other day I saw a review on the Doll Love Sweet Female Body that said that you can ask the big breast instead of the small one, and that will make her look more mature.

The only thing I don't like too much, is that her head is a little too big for my taste. Compared to Rachel, Flett or Cecile, she could be bigger. I don't know. I will like to see her next to some of the others.

So, this isn't a purchase list, just the dolls I like. I hope to be able to get one or too of this.

We'll see. BTW, the pics of this post belongs to the companies, and you can go to the sale page clicking on the images.

What do you thinkof them?


  1. I think you have a great taste in dolls. :) It's amazing you're able to find both cheap AND good looking dolls. Not everyone manages that.
    I can tell you, as I have had a JID, that they look weird next to a normal mature MSD. Awkwardly taller and "fatter" (the last thing I actually liked), but I couldn't live with her being taller, so I switched to SDs for good.
    Supia only lists their prices when you're logged in, so try that, and you should be able to get her price. :)

    1. Oh, thank you! It is just that price is important to me, Cecile is too around my limit. I saw they are 43cm, right? Most of the sculpts I listed were 41-43cm tall, but still, I will hunt for pics :D

      Oh thanks for the Supia info, I will go register so I can freak myself with the amount! Anyways, thank you for stopping by!

  2. What a lovely list with some really beautiful girls!
    I recently discovered Aquarius Doll myself and they have some cute dolls. I really adore their light tan, it looks so beautiful! Sadly I'm just not much into MSDs. One could hope they would make SDs in the future. :3

    1. I'm glad you like them! I think Aquarius will probably sell some SD in the future, they are the most popular size in the hobby... or at least that is what i think.