Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Styled Stallion!

Well, I finally was able to take some decent pics, but it ended up too lightly :( I'm not used to the new room where I took those, so I guess I have to find the right setting. Anyways! Here it is, I won the battle over the saddle, and got the nerves to style my horses hair.

To desaturated pic of the saddle and hairstyled mane/tail.
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Well. The saddle first. My hubby cropped the original plastic ropes of it, and made a hole in each of the remanent thingies. I painted those silver to emulate a real saddle, and used to stripes of a very hard black fabric I had. It stays in place with a button in the belly (not preciselly a button, but I don't know the name of those things! xD).

Then the hair. Finding an apropiatte scissor was a battle. The third one I got was the right one, so I tied his tail and cropped it really straight. But then I forgot to tie it up and put him on the box, and the tail deformed itself to one side. That is why it looks messy in the bad pic.

The mane was a little more dificult. Since his neck is movable, I left it horizontal to the table, and cropped it. It put me on my nerves, I was *so* afraid of screwing it up, but in the end, it turned out pretty decent. Since the pics are crappy, Morning Star -that is the horse name- looks better IRL.

BTW, I still didn't put him the stay-in-place hairspray, since I didn't had an appropiate one, but I believe that will end his rebel mane.

Here is a pic of him near my Kitty. I'm satisfied with it, proportion-wise, and I hope he will be nice for a 40cm doll.

Kitty and Morning Star side by side. I like the proportion.

Ok, the next pics will be in the ol' good room. Or, I will have to practice. Or take a while earlier in the morning, to get the sun in the right angle. Crappy pics are crappy >.<. One day I WILL have a DSRL.


  1. que lindo! lo vas a pintar al caballo? la montura y el corte de pelo quedaron geniales :3
    yo ando buscando como prepararle un caballo a Atreyu, tal vez le haga uno modelado :P porque los de barbie son demasiado femeninos para un cazador-guerrero jajaja

    1. No te creas, cuando lo despinté cambió muchísimo. Y si le sacás el cabello y le ponés negro, va a quedar muy bien. Justamente ahora estoy preparando un post con un WIP de la pintura xD