Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I Can't Believe It, I Won Something!

Some of the gift of the giveaway.
All I can say is "OMG!!!!" I'm that kind of person that never, never will win a contest or something. But the last week I was stalking one of my favorites blogs to sneak peak, and found an interesting giveaway at Xhanthi's. The question was to write something positive about someone, and I thought it was so cute, and wrote about my hubby.

Today I went again to the blog and found out that I won! I still can't believe it, and even if I'm not from the states, Xhanthi told me that she will ship it anyways. She is so kind! Thank you so much Xhanthi and to all the attendants it was really nice to see a bunch of positives comments. The pic is from Xhanthi, too.

I will try to do a giveaway sometime this year, or the next one. And I will post pics once the gifts come in the mail. Just hope they can skip customs.


  1. Wow, congrats! What a nice giveaway though. Spreading a little happiness. ^__^

  2. Yes indeed! I was a little sad those day, and that made my day :3

  3. me alegra mucho que ganaras!! felicidades!! seguramente no vas a tener ningun problema con aduana, lo marcan como regalo y listo :)

    1. Sí, le pedí a Xhanti que lo marcara como regalo, pero tengo meio :( ¡Gracias! Realmente no creí que fuera a ganar.