Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cushions Finished!

Well I went slowy but finished. I did a couple of cushions and protectors to keep my repainted horse safe in his box, because I dont want chips on his new paint. Everything is made of white cotton, the protectos of the mane, tail and saddle and handsew, and the big cushion was made by my mom in his devil-machine...argh... I mean, sewing-machine :D She did it pretty awesome, with some extras that holds the stuff in place. I have a couple of pics here:

Cushion to protect my horse.

You can see all the protectors in that pic. And all wrapped in his box (the original inner one):

Boxed horse ready to sleep a little

I believe it all ended up pretty nice. Now the project is finished, and I will move to the next: I need to make some doll eyes for my friend Morla, and will start them right now! I got all the needed supplies, and can go with it. Hope to get some updates soon.

I need to take proper pics of Morning Star to make him a slot on the My Dolls page :3


  1. que lindo! cuanta prolijidad!!! si vos vieras como tengo yo las cosas de mis bjds jajajaja XD

    1. Comprendo la indirecta, la próxima te envío unos almohadones!

    2. jajajaja XD nooo nena! no lo decía para manguear nada XD solo comentaba que yo tengo todo desordenado jajaja

    3. Era en broma, mujer! Para el próximo swap :D