Sunday, 3 March 2013

Newly Released Dolls + News

Withdoll Kyle
I'm so sad!! Withdoll started a sale a week after I order! With that discount I would have been able to get those gorgeous booties T_T This is so unfair! Oh anyways, what it is done, it is done. 

I wanted to share something. Remember the Male Dolls post I did a couple days ago? Well, it is like if Withdoll just heard me and released a new boy! He is not oh so manly but is is an improvement! He has the right proportions, manly face, he is 45cm tall. Everything!

I like his strong jaw, but I don't like the blushing on the cheeks. That isn't a problem, since one can always buy the doll blank, and Withdoll is always willing to do a small change in the faceup (AFAIK, eyebrow matching, no eyeshadowing, etc). Anyways, he can be a candidate!

Souldoll Soulkid Yeon-bee
Going into anothe subject, in other post I had said I really liked Souldoll Soulkid Flett. And now, Souldoll released a new girl, Yeon-bee that looks like her but more mature!

I don't like the lips makeup, with those dark-ruby lines, bu she is pretty cute, and Souldoll has a custom faceup service at a really low price ($45 for their impressive work, it is a sale!).

Ah, so many things. I'm doing some eyes for my friend: 5 pairs, two of them 12mm an the other two 14mm. I will try to paint them today or tomorrow, and post some pics of them, to be able to get some decent critics.


  1. ohhh yo pensé que alcanzabas a llegar al evento :(!!! weno a lo mejor te mandan un regalito o algo, uno nunca sabe!! X) también puedes preguntar, es gratis jaja
    Me encanta la nueva chica de souldoll, justamente hoy andaba mirando todas las preciosidades que hay, me encantaría una :D

    1. Si, pregunté si me mandan el nuevo sistema de muñeca y las 4 manos, en lugar de las 3 que enviaban antes. La pena es el 10% de descuento, me hubiera podido comprar las booties, pero bueno. Yeon-bee es preciosa, me encanta! Seguro que en tu colección quedaría bárbaro!

  2. Too bad you were too early for the event. D:
    But Kyle is gorgeous! I love his face. I can see from your blog, that there has come many more manly MSD sculpts since I collected MSDs.
    Yeon-bee is very beautiful! I think she would be lovely with a red wig, but I'm also known to be a lover of red hair, so that might be why I think so. XD

    1. Indeed. Lately I have seen more manly sculps! But don't tell me! I also pictured Yeonbee with red hair!!

  3. You know, for some reason that is just so typically. Ordering from somewhere and then just a little later they have an event or discount. >_<

    Btw, I don't think I ever congratulated you on ordering you first girl. :D

    1. Thank you Tjassi!

      You know? I contacted Withdoll and they told me my doll will come with the new wrist system and hands, even if I ordered before the launch (only a week, but meh) So that is good news!