Saturday, February 16, 2013

Light Brown Isar...

I just simply forgot how stunning she is in light brown skin. And expensive. Oh yeah, she is expensive. Taking in mind that for getting her in LBS now you need to use the Custom Doll System of Iple, that is way more expensive.

I don't know what happened, I was remembering nice dolls I have seen and her image got in my mind. Went to Flickr and saw the most amazing pics of her in this skin tone.

Iplehouse JID Isar, Elemental Guardian.
She doesn't 'speak' to me in any other skin tone... not real, not normal... I really like her in LB. But for know, she is just a 'dolly crush' and a random rambling because she isn't available and -as I said- she goes way beyond my *current* limit. Anyways. She is gorgeous.

Oh, btw. Picture by Iplehouse. Click it to go to the original sale page, that is now sold out.

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