Thursday, February 14, 2013

Morning Star Sealed! Finally!

I can't believe how much time it took me to do this update. Well... here he is!! I re-did the sealing, glossing the eyes so now they look like glass eyeballs, and took new pics. Sadly I was too lazy to put my gray cardboard. I will do that with the project finished.

I really love how the horse ended up, and retouched the eyes since the last painting update. My lovely hubby did some nice horseshoe for my stallion, and I don't know what kind of glue should I use. Maybe hot glue? Anyways, here are some pics:

More under the cut...

My plans for the paiting went right to the thrash, but I really like that white mark on his head, and how the eyes turned up. Maybe one day I will changte him again, dunno yet.

So... what is next? I'm going to sew some white cotton protectors and a carry bag, and I'm going to re-purpouse his original box (the external one is pretty damaged, sadly). Hope to be updating soon!


  1. te quedó hermoso! felicitaciones :)
    si pegas las herraduras con silicona caliente se van a despegar con facilidad, si la idea es que le queden pegadas fijas, podes usar silicona fría (la de pomo) con esa no se salen nunca más, o podes usar pegamento de contacto. el pegamento caliente no tiene agarre y se sale fácil de casi cualquier superficie, lo único que agarra bien es tela con tela, lo demás se sale fácil.

    1. Ese es un buen dato. ¡Gracias! Todavía no decido si las quiero dejar permanentes. Intentaré con el pegamento de contacto... igual me he quedado sin ninguno, ni silicona caliente, tengo que aprovisionarme de nuevo :)