Tuesday 23 April 2013

Eyeco Eyes: Gorgeous!

Well, you may remeber that I did not liked the blue eyes of my DD-Anne purchase. They looked nothing like the pics. And that was really dissapointing because I wanted my Rachel to have blue eyes, and those were going to be her main... but not now, I don't like them.

So I was searching and found out Eyeco, sold via SafrinDoll. I must say that their pics of the Eyeco eyes are pretty awful, so I went to the DoA topic for Eyeco pics. And instantly fell in love! I have many of them in mind, but I need to decide between two pairs for my Rachel. 

See after the cut.

Eyeco Softglass LA Iris
The first one is the LA Iris. This is my second choice.The pic at the left is from the SafrinDoll site. Here are some examples I found over DoA -links to the thread, you will maybe need an account to see them-:
     * MNF Seorin.
     * Soom Super Gem Lazule.
     * Unspecified Doll -last pic on post-.
     * Iplehouse SID Cherie -second pic-.

Eyeco Softglass A185
The second pair, and the one I like the most, is the A185. As before, the pic at the left is from the SafrinDoll site. Here are some examples that I found on the DoA site -the same thread as before-:
     * Unspecified Male Doll.
     * Unspecified Female Doll.
     * Iplehouse Male EID -second pic-.
     * Unspecified Doll -first pic, blonde doll-.

As you can see, I did my homework and researched a lot about these eyes. This are sofglass, AKA silicone, and they have bigger sclera -the white part- (1mm more, if you order 10mm you get 11mm, if you order 12mm you get 13mm, and so on) and smaller iris. They are also low dome.

The shipping fee is also below 10$, so I'm pretty sold on this eyes. I'm on the saving part now, LOL. Hope to get them soon, but so far they are sold out on the 10mm/11mm size.


  1. I have had some Eyeco eyes, and they're nice quality, but there are some troubles with them too.
    They're REALLY hard to place properly, because they're "slippery" (I can't find the right English ord). Also they collect dust like I don't know what.
    But they're an nice, cheaper alternative, though I prefer glass and urethane. But not everyone has the same taste, obviously. :)

    1. You are right, that was what I read. The glass eyes I have are cool, but this looks realistic! And I think that the urethanes are too expensive to start with.

      Oh and don't worry about the word, it happens the same to me!