Saturday 20 April 2013

Soom Rosette Mia

Oh my god! You can say I'm soomed... Today it was a normal day. I started watching the updates on my Flickr and... what do I find? The most beautiful Soom Rosette painted by Andreja. I did not remember this sculpt from the basics of Rosette, so I rushed to the site, and only found the limited edition, Muse Mia Chiffon White Dove (link on the pic at the side of the post).

So, knowing nothing about Rosettes, I went to DoA mini thread and asked my questions there. She is only LE, and there is no basic edition of her!!! NOOO, bad Soom, bad! She is beautiful, gorgeous! I checked the price of a Muse basic doll (the 43cm body with normal-lengh limbs) and with shipping and face-up they are around 370$. Similar to my Rachel and just inside the decent price.

Now I have an impossible on my wishlist, even if I told myself I would only look for basic editions, so they will give me the time to save the money. I hope Soom will do another Free Choice Event on christmas, so I can save up and snap one in that time. Hope is the last thing we loose, right?

Oh, check this beautiful pic of a Mia in Flickr.


  1. Ooh, she is really beautiful! :) I hope you'll be able to get her someday!
    Haha, I'm finally gotten out of my obsession with SOOM. The only SOOM doll that can tempt me is a white skin Vesuvia. o:

    1. Yes, I think I'm soomed T_T I hope you can get a Vesuvia, she is beautiful. I remeber seeing on DoA many guesses about a second round of Free Choices event, like last year.