Friday 24 May 2013

Change Time! :D

Well, a lot things happened xD. I was in a change mood, and did many updates:
     * Changed the header of the blog -I hope you like the new one.
     * Changed the button of the blog! So, if I swapped buttons with you please check the Link Me page and grab the new button! I will be glad if you do that.
   * I also, changed the Facebook cover picture, finally, with something of high resolution.
     * Finally, I went to Ipernity.

I want to chat a little about Ipernity. After the Flickr debacle, many people is rushing out of it. I personally don't like the interface, and as I browse in my laptop, the new layout is pretty horrid and the small screen (16") makes it a pain to browse. SO, I'm moving into Ipernity. We already have a Withdoll group in there! I will not post more pictures into Flickr, and only in Ipernity.

Ipernity limits free user to access they last 200 pics. So I will do this: I will upload a pic, and in the description write a link to my blog gallery. I will keep posting and ranting everything in here. I'm just using it to try to reach more public, and to put my pics on the groups.

If you are in Ipernity, add me! And if you are not, join and add me! :D


  1. I added you on Ipernity. ^^ I don't know how active I will be there since I will stay on Flickr as my main photo sharing site and then I also have DeviantART, so remembering to upload a third place will be tough. xD

    I love your new banner - it looks great. :D I've also wanted to change things in my layout for a while now, but I have some exams I want to be over before I start anything.
    Will also change your button on my blog right away. ^^

    1. I added you back! Well, for what I have seen, many of the ones that did not escape from Flickr are trying to keep up the two sites. I don't know how this will end up, but I'm liking Ipernity.

      Thanks for the banner! I really love those pics I used! :D

  2. I added you too! :D I'm Lise Schou. And I'll try to use it, since I really hate the new flickr. :<

    I like your banner! :D It looks great!
    I've also changed your button. :)

    1. Added you back, thanks! Thanks for changing the button :D I'm glad you like the banner too! :DD