Sunday, May 12, 2013

Coco's First Photoshoot

She is gorgeous!!!!!! Ok, excuse the rating, but I can not say how much I love her, and how beautiful she is to me. I rushed to sew her something, because today we had a family meeting in my house, and I wanted to introduce her properly. My grandma came saying something like "Where is my new granddaughter? Where is she?" and after watching her, and asking me a lot of things, she measured her, and told me she is going to sew something for Coco -my grandma is a professional sewing mistress-.

Ok, I know this are not the best pics, they could be repetitive, but it is my first time posing a BJD and I'm still a little afraid of doing something wrong. The list of props is at the end.

More pics under the cut...

Doll: Withdoll Basic Rachel
Faceup: modded default faceup -I asked for brown eyebrows.
Wig: Coolcat 6-7, in Milky Tea
Eyes: DD-Anne 10mm
Clothes: handsew by me (shirt, skirt, undies)
Hat: crochetted by my mom <3
Shoes: Coolcat.


  1. What a lovely girl! I only just saw your arrival photoset on DoA, congratulations on Coco!

    1. Thank you!! You are really kind :3

  2. Es muy linda tu niña :3 me encanta su boquita.
    Que descocada con esa pollera cortita se le ve la bombacha! jajaja
    Me encanta el color de la ropa que hiciste para ella, le queda muy bien!
    Las fotos están hermosas, tienen mucho clima! la primera y la tercera son mis favoritas ♥

    1. ¡Gracias! Sí, jeje, me olvidé de cubrila con la manito en esa foto... ya le haré más ropita en esta semana, a ver si para el fin de semana traigo más fotos :3 Me tiene encantada, es hermosa!

  3. She's soooo pretty! :3 I love her sexy face-up! Makes her look so mature.
    I think the pictures are great! :D Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you!!! I'm doing a second outfit, and I hope to get it done in the week, so on Saturday/Sunday I can snap some pics :3

  4. She is gorgeous, congrats! I love her outfit and your grandma sounds adorable that is so sweet of her. :3