Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Withdoll Feedback

Well I was in debt with this, so here it is. It is the same I'm posting over DoA, but I like to keep a record here too... besides, not everyone are in DoA. So, here it is:

* What did you order?
Withdoll Basic Rachel, in normal skin, with faceup (I asked for more brown eyebrows).
No wig, no clothes, no bootie parts.

* When did you order?
February 24th, of 2013.

* Did you order directly from the company, or through a distributor or dealer?
I ordered directly from the company. Here: http://www.withdoll.com/index.php.
As far as I know, they don't have dealers.

* How was the communication?
 Swift. They don't answer everyday the Q/A, but two or three days in the week... since those 'answering days' are always the same, once you get used too, it is fine. They are not a big company, so probably don't have a dedicated Q/A person. I got a shipping invoice directly to the mail, with the tracking number, and it worked instantly.
* How easy was it to pay?
 Considering it was my first time using Paypal, it was easy.
* How long did it take to ship?
 It took two month from the day I ordered (shipped on April 25th).

* Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
Of course! The doll is gorgeous, the resin is thick, and the faceup amazing.
The only thing I did not like is that even if I ordered with a faceup, she did not came with faceup protector, and one of her lashes unglued. I messaged WD about this.

* Did the item look like the sales pictures?
She is even more beautifull IRL than in the pics!

* Were you satisfied with the product?
Oh god, yes!!

* If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem? 

* Would you order from this company again?
Of course! They are really good, and have decent prices!

* Would you buy this company's products second-hand?
This is a tricky question. It depends on the item, the state of the same, and if it is limited or not. 

* Any additional words/thoughts on this company?
I love the mature style they dolls have, and they are natural posers!

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