Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dolly Facts

Well, I though I will do this. Kitty was my first BJD and Coco (WD Rachel) is my first official resin ABJD. They are both first, but so different! I want to state some things about Coco that I did not think on the beginning, or things that I have been realizing since I have her. So here we go:

  1. She is way more gorgeous in real life, than in the promo pics.
  2. She is heavy! When I got her out of the box, I was amazed by her weight.
  3. I always admired faceup artists that can do such gorgeous things on the dolls. But it wasn't until I have my Rachel, then I saw her little tiny head -she is 6/7- that I said "OMFG how -the heck- does this people pain something so small!!?" So now, I can not even think on painting a Lati or Puki-sized doll!
  4. It is so easy to take pics of her looking natural, and not a bad-positioned doll, that all my fears have gone away!
  5. The first three days I had nighmares of bad things happening to her... like my cat destroying her, or the closet falling apart upon her, and so on xD
  6. Before I was -secretly- making plans for another doll, but now that I have her -and I know how expensive the customs are- I'm so super happy with her that I do not know if I wan't another doll... at least for now.
That was all. I want to write somethig -but you could have read it on my Twitter, I'm really liking this Twitter thing-: I'm sewing a babydoll for Coco! I was looking for a shirt tutorial I have saved on the markers, and when I got to the blog, I found out the Tutorials tab, browsed it, and found a pretty babydoll tutorial... and I had a silk scrap floating there, big enough to do a dress and the babydoll, oh! and I also had the perfect lace, and... screw it! I dropped the patters of the short pant and the shirt and started right away with the new "dress". Hope to finished it soon and take pics on Sunday!


  1. It's funny, how many expectations proves to be wrong, but you finally have the doll. :P

    1. That is *so* true! And I'm having so much fun with her!