Monday, May 20, 2013

Developing a Personality

I know, another post without pics T_T I planned to take a lot of photos of the sexy-dress I made for Coco, but the weather was against me -constant pouring and gray sky let me with no photosession, and a new project. So here I am, sewing a dress, when there is no pic of the previous one. Hope the sky can clear out today, so I can take all the pics I want!

Anyways, now I understand, and it seems that Coco is slowy showing me her personality. I know this can sound weird for non-dolly people, but it is. I have to facts that proves this:
  • Somehow, I always want to sew her green and white clothes.
  • All of my casual clothing plans where to the trash, as she always seem to want dresses and ligerie T_T
I know she is a model, maybe a pretentious one? Anyways, I love her! But I have a questions... has this happened to you, dolly-people? Please, share your experiences!


  1. You'll end up learning so much more about a character, when you have them home with you. :) I've experienced the same with my characters, even though I've had them in my head for years, I end up learning more and more, when I can hold them in my hands.

    1. That is so true. I think I should write out what I found about her :D

    2. Will you share it with us? :)

    3. That is a good idea! I could write it in the blog :3

    4. You should do that! I would love to read it. :)