Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coco, Flute and more!

Hello! The other day I was playing the flute and Coco was sitting on the bed. In a certain moment I put the flute in the bed to change the score, and OMG! She looked so so cute that I *had* to take some pics. She is wearing a hat+blouse crochetted by my mom. The black lingerie is the one I told you about in the failed sewing attemps.

Some pics, and at the end, NEWS!

I'm sorry about the white background again but it happens that I love white sheets, and she looked so luminous, and cute, and innocent... I gave up. Coco you are so cute!!!

Anyways, the news! On Sunday 9th we will be celebrating Coco's 1 month birthdate :D And as for present, I will be posting a special short interview with the doll company WITHDOLL! I still can't believe they were so kind to answer all of my questions, and release to me some special information. And, because that is not everything, my mom and I will be opening a high-quality-crochetted-doll-clothes store! I don't know if we will open international right away... we'll see.

Stay tunned :3


  1. Que lindas fotos!! me encantó la flauta!! :o
    y ese gorrito está precioso!!! *u*

    1. ¡Gracias! El gorrito y la blusa son tejidos al crochet de mi mamá :3