Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Failed Sewing Attemps

Since the post with the Ipernity moving to today, there have been *a lot* of sewing.  So let me just rant about it, so I can be at peace with myself.

I was determined to do a white silk dress with some light blue accents, and I started it. I made the patterns for the corset, made some fit tries with paper towels and started sewing the linen. SO far, so good. The corset was an underbust type, because the bust will be covered with a sort of gathered bra. The pattern was a complete fail when I sewed the bra.

So I trash it... or not, I saved up for testing, who knows, maybe someday I will use that. And sew a complete new corset with the bra, and it was perfect. I left it over the sewing table for the night and went to sleep. When the next day I came home after work, I saw that the linen was torn appart near one seam... WTH? Last night it was not like that! So anyways, I replaced those partes on the linen. Tested it again. Perfect.

Then I started the skirt. I was doing a cut to make it easy to sew it with the corset, and the fabric just make a huge cut all alone. There was where I started to think that the fabric was just too old. I did the botton seamline, and when I was going to put the skirt and the corset together, I found that the silk fabric of the corset was now torn appart. AGAIN. And it was just lying in a secure place!

That was it, and my hubby told me to take a brake about that outfit and sew something else. OK, lets do it. My mom had made an awesome crochetted shirt and hat for Coco, and I knew what I wanted. A satin bra with a sexy matching underwear, and some short pants to wear with. All off this in black satin fabric.

Starting with it, I drew almost four failed patterns for the bra, and threw away around 5 or 6 attemps at doing the cups of the bra. Also, I did not have anything decent to mark down the pattern in the black fabric! I tried everything, and on Friday night I got the idea of marking it with a white Faber Castell pencil. Of course, I did not have anything, so on Saturday I did a run to a shop and got one. Now I finally was able to mark down the damn fabric!

It took me from Wednesday to Sunday to finally figure the bra out, and let it fine. Not perfect, nor decent. Just fine. I want all my sewing to be perfect, but gosh! I was so exausted that I lefted that bra. I will try again another day with a more stretchy fabric. This means... Coco is having more underwear that clothes.

Yesterday I did the matching underwear. Had to do it twice. And then, I finally realized my mistake: I wasn't taking into account the strechy-ness of the fabric. So instead of cutting the pattern vertically as I was doing, I cut it turned a little to the left... and it worked! I wish I had realize this when I was doing the bra. Oh anyways, I learned a lesson with this.

Well, I think I will finish the matching underwear and the short pants, and I will take some days of break in the sewing. Maybe it will clear my mind and my hands :3 I will maybe do her some handmade eyes, to test the Eyeco sclera/iris size I want to buy for her.

I also got the idea of a couple of photostories to do with her too!

Oh, such a wall of text! I apologize for writing so much, but I wanted to let all of this out. Hopefully, I can make a gallery thread soon :3


  1. Oh, so much sewing? Must be exciting, but also hard? You have to share photos of your work someday!
    I'll look forward to the photo story! :D

    1. Yup, almost a week and a half, just sewing. I just took some photos of Coco with my flute. I hope to post them soon, too :3

  2. Sewing can be like that, can't it? One week everything goes just perfect, the next, inexplicable disasters!

    I know I'll have bad sewing weeks and get so frustrated that I have to stop for a month! So I applaud you for persistence!!! :)

    1. Thank you! I know, sometimes is frustrating :(