Saturday, July 13, 2013

Doll Mockups!

I know I had a wishlist in the side of the blog, but here I am again! I don't have characters for the dolls, I just pic the ones I like, and suddenly a whole story is there with the doll! That is what happens with Coco, I'm still learning things about her.

But I have two favorites among the wishlist, for the ones I already have an image in my mind, and I wanted to share it! :D Since I suck at doing mock-ups I simply did out together some pics of the doll, skin tone, eyes and wigs I want for each one... In no "buy-order" here are the two girls:

Iplehouse CDS JID Cecile
Cecile Mock-up

OK, the first one is Cecil. She is a dream! But since I want her in Light Brown skin, I need to order her from the Iplehouse Custom Doll System (CDS). She is quite expensive for my taste, around 520$ without shipping cost, so if I want her, I need to save up for *a lot of* time. Anyways, I want her with the wig that is shown in the south-left corner of the pic, but in black.

I also want the famous Masterpiece Afghan Eyes for her... these are made to look similar to the afghan girl that was in the cover of the National Geographic magazine, in the '80s. Do you remember it? I have seen this eyes on a BJD and oh my god they are stunning!

Finally, since the CDS systems allows the customer to pic a makeup from the available face-ups they have, I want to ask Ashanti B Type face-up. I saw a JID Benny with this make-up and I must say it looks really cool! I though on one of Rexy's make ups too, but I like this one more.

Soom Rosette Mia
Mia Mock-up
 Yeah, this is why I twitted that I'm soomed. Mia was a limited, but one can always had the hope of another Free Choice Event, when she will be available. If that does not happen, I might consider Soom Rosette Marguerite, since I personally find that both are quite similar.

Anyways, I like the Masterpiece/Eyeco Smokey Topaz eyes for her... but the default Withdoll ones that came with Coco are really similar to this one, so I guess I will try them first (talking as if I could get her =S). I really like the default makeup of Mia, and even if I hope for a FCE and more skin tones, I will definitely buy her in normal skin. Finally, that short blonde Angell-Studio wig is my choice for her :3 I love that style! Pretty similar to a Coolcat's one, too.

Anyways, this was me sharing ideas. What do you think about it?


  1. No soy fan de ninguna de las dos casas a decir verdad XD pero los moldes que te gustan me parecen muy lindos ^^ y ambos son muy "musume" jajaja De las dos opciones, la que me parece mas interesante es la de Cecile, con su piel morena y esos hermosos ojos, creo que puede ser una propuesta muy linda, con opciones de vestuario diferentes que las de Coco. Yo voto por Cecile! :3

    1. Jejeje, me alegro que te gusten! ¿Por qué son "musume"? :P Cecile me encanta pero es bastante cara... y la otra es limitada, así que iré ahorrando a ver qué me puedo conseguir.

    2. porq son el tipo de carita que te gusta, con rasgos suaves, el contorno un poco ovalado, la nariz pequeña, ojos chiquitos pero no mucho, no sé, son re "musume" jajajaa :3

    3. Jejejej ¡Puede ser! Nunca lo había pensado así xD

  2. Great idea! Do you mind if I copy you and post some similar mockups?

    Cecile is gonna be stunning! That face-up is gonna be amazing.
    I like your mockup of Mia too. I hope you get the chance to get her. :)

    1. Not at all! I want to see your mockups too :3

      Yeah I know, the Ashanti B Type faceup is amazing! Thanks about Mia, I really hope another FCE so I can get her!