Monday, July 8, 2013

Lacy Corset for Coco

Well, after finishing the white dress I decided that I needed practice with corsets, and though about doing a lingerie set for Coco (another one) with a corset. This make me realize something else about Coco's background: she is a lingerie model... it is all she wants me to sew for her! Anyways, I took this last week, but I wasn't able to edit them until now.

I'm sorry about so many vertical pictures, I realized that when it was already too late. And also, I forgot to take a pic of the parts of the outfit, as I always do :( Will add them later.

More pics under the cut. Beware of boobies showing! LOL I wanted to do an underbust.

The ensemble includes:
  • Pink bloomer with lace and elastic waist.
  • Pink lacey corset. The lace "skirt" is sewed onto the corset. Ties on the back with really tiny buttons, handmade by my awesome mom.
 I know it has a lots of mistakes on it, but I'm learning... a lot! Each thing I do makes me learn something else, and that is the funny part to me.  And finally, a last one... I make her stand on her knees!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

Anyways, thanks for reading! BTW I already have the answers for the next interview. Want to guess who is the artist this month? :O


  1. que chancha Coco!!! mostrando las bubis!! jajajaa
    ya en serio, está hermosa!! me encanta el conjunto que le hiciste! es verdad que es toda una modelo de lencería :)
    Me encantan las fotos que tomaste, están mucho mas coloridas, con esas flores de tela, le da un ambiente muy lindo :3

    1. ¡Gracias! Si es una atrevida y sin remedio xD
      Estaba buscando unas cajas con telas y encontré la caja con esas flores y se me ocurrió sacarle las fotos usándolas de props :D Me alegro que te gusta!