Friday, July 5, 2013

Thoughs on Doll Chateau

Doll Chateau Christina.
Doll Chateau. What a name! Currently if you say that name people love it or hate it... they are always generating that kind of situation. I want to share something that happened to me a couple days ago regarding this doll company, so if you want to laugh an squee a little, just keep reading.

The idea for this post begun when I was talking with a friend, and she found out a DC Christina fullset in DoA marketplace, sadly she wants a basic -I hope she can get it soon!- but that is not the point of this post.

So, we where there talking about this doll when the hubby came to the room, and went to my side, starting to look at the doll sales page. I showed him all of the pictures, and specially the ones of her jointed hands and feet. Those are kind of "rare" joints, because you usually get joints in each human-joint of the fingers... and regarding the feet I have seen what Magical-Angel or Twilight-Ingenue had: the joint to switch a foot from normal to high heeled, only moving that part. Well, DC did something different, as you can see in the next pics -taken from Christina sales page-:

Feet and hands from DC Youth-03 Body. Pics by Doll Chateau.

They are original, I won't discuss that. So, until that moment, I was on the side where DC was just a "meh" and a "not my type" kind of company...

And here is when my hubby surprised me. He told me "Really strange dolls... they are more like art pieces, and that is why that body-shape or the extra joints are fine. And besides the faces are beautiful". And there it was when I started to see Doll Chateau under a different light. Yup, those bodies are realistic, as I like, but if you think about them as art... they are beautiful. I guess DC was for the BJD world as Picasso was for the painting world: something completely new and novel.

With this, I'm not stating that I will go and rage-buy a DC doll... I'm just telling the story on how I changed my mind. What I can tell, is that -to me- is true they have some pretty beautiful faces. Like the new 52cm Almas in their Kid line:

Doll Chateau Kid Almas

Or another girl in the same body than Christina. I'm talking about Stacy:

Doll Chateau Youth Stacy.

And the list continues... I love Queena's and Debbie's faces, but  I must confess that the siamese body kinds of scare me. But as my mother always told me "to each taste a colour". I know, TL;DR, but if you got to here, thanks for reading me.

Oh, BTW! I *finally* updated the "My Dolls" page, if you want to check it out. Hope to be able to edit some of Coco's pics I snapped up this Tuesday... but I'm being lazy and I don't want to edit them right now, LOL.

Note: all the pics in this post belongs to Doll Chateau and are linked to the sale page of the dolls.


  1. a mi al principio me daban un poco de impresión, pensaba que se veían enfermas. Después algo me hizo click en la cabeza, vi que en realidad no es así, que son puramente artísticas, que no pretenden verse reales, como verdaderos esqueletos andantes, sino que es algo que va más allá. Terminé de comprender esto cuando sacó la línea de cuerpos con articulaciones extras, y las amé!! ♥ espero algún día en un futuro cercano tener mi Christina.

    1. Espero que la puedas conseguir, amiga!!!

  2. I love Doll Chateau! I think they're so interesting and different.
    I can't see myself ever owning one, but I would love if a friend bought one, so I could appreciate them irl. :D

    1. I know what you mean! They are so artistic!