Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Dreamy Rocio" - Another Commission

Hello!! Well, this is the gallery of the second commission I got, it was for two lovely twins, and this is the second corset. I also got really specific instructions and details on how to do this. I want to also state that this is fully hand-sew! It took me a lot of time because of that, but I really like how this turned out.

The ensemble is named "Dreamy Rocio", taking in mind the doll that will use it, and its background.

More under the cut!

Ensemble: corset + bloomers + gift
Made of: high quality satin, tulle, satin ribbons and lace.
This was fully sewn by hand and no sewing machine was used.


  1. te quedó hermoso!! me encanta la pollerita como te quedó, está muy lindo! felicitaciones!!

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Ese tul me costó monton!! >:(

  2. Estupendo trabajo. Eres muy hábil. Felicitaciones