Thursday 22 August 2013

Minifee & Withdoll hybrid?

WD Ruby, B Faceup. Pic by Withdoll.
I have been thinking on this almost al week, hahaha! I also made some reasearchs on the topic, but lets start from the beginning, shall we?

Ok, everything started when Withdoll released her new basic girl in the scope of DoA's 9th anniversary, Ruby. She is the one on the picture at the side of the post, and she is wearing the B Makeup. I don't know what the hell is going on, but I found myself thinking of her as Garnet. I just named her, hahaha.

Well, the thing is that even if I love her in real-skin (RS), I don't think of myself having two or more dolls with the same body... at least not yet! And here is where it comes the idea of making an hybrid.

More babbles under the cut!

I have seen a lot of beautifully styled/photographed minifees (MNF) but they certaintly are bobble-headed to me, and I won't buy any of their head sculpts... But the bodies are a completely different story. Have you seen the new Moe-line body the released? They call it m-line.

Moe-line body, with glamour (left) and full bust (right). Pic by Fairyland.

It is true, the full bust looks too big, but I have seen pics of a dressed doll and they look great! I like this body more than the a-line for several reasons. It is shorter (38cm tall) and it is not as perfect and model-like as Coco's body (the Withdoll girl body), so they would be different.

Next step on my reasearch was going to the Withdoll discussion thread and asking for a swap of heads. This wonderful girl Reika agreed to make the swap, but without removing the neck donut. You can see the result on her Flickr, here. I must confess it kinda dissapointed me. I think that the MNF neck could be too big. So I went and check the measurements... and discover that both Withdoll and MNF have the same width: 6.5cm!

Also, I was told that the resin match is kinda off, with the WD head being more pinkinsh. I also have been told that Iplehouse NS is almost-perfect-match to Fairyland NS. I just don't know, I was really excited about the idea of WD Ruby head on MNF M-Line body, and now I don't know. I have zero experience making hybrids.

What do you think? I'm open to ideas!!

EDIT: April 22nd, 2018

I have now made some reference posts about this!
I hope you'll find this useful!


  1. entiendo que quieras que sean cuerpos diferentes, recientemente me plantee lo mismo y finalmente compre un cuerpo diferente al que tenia, asi que no es necesario que cumplas esta recomendación, pero creo que si ambas tienen el mismo cuerpo ambas podrán compartir ropa, aunque para alguien que sabe coser eso no importa mucho.
    Opino igual que tu, de fairyland me encantan los cuerpos de las minifees pero no me gustan las cabezas por lo mismo. Por cierto verificaste que el cuerpo moe lo están vendiendo todavía? que yo sepa fue limitado. Las chicas de withdoll son preciosas, pero la mayoría de mis moldes son 1/3 ya me gustaría que sacaran una de ese tamaño.
    Por cierto espero que te este recuperando de tu lesión :)

    1. Hola! Pues el m-line -por lo que leí- fue retirado sólo temporalmente para ajustar algo -no dieron muchos detalles- y luego lo volverían a colocar.

      De Withdoll cuando hice la entrevista ellos anunciaron que piensan sacar medidas de 30cm y de 60cm también, así que quizás tienes suerte ;)

      ¡Gracias! Ya me estoy mejorando bastante :3 Y gracias por el comentario también!

  2. I haven't had any Minifee hybrids, but I have owned two Minifees.
    Maybe if you removed the doughnut, it would fit better? If not try sanding the neck.
    The match can maybe be fixed with some blushing, but it's a lot of work, if you can't do it yourself.

    1. I saw a Tutorial on how to remove the neck part, but I don't want to spend money if I don't know for sure they will fit =S But this was just an idea, the bad thing is that I can't take it out of my mind hahah

  3. You could also consider a different bust size than what you own if you end up scrapping the hybrid idea. :) That way if you are sewing something for the Withdoll body, you can fit to either one of the bust sizes, or both. This is partially one of the reasons why I made sure my JID girls have different bust sizes, so that I have all of them on hand. ;)

    Ruby is definitely adorable though! I do really like her in their Real Skin, but I am considering her in Rose White for a character. If the Grey skin was an option, I would be considering that as well. xD

    1. Ohhh don't tell me you are getting her!! Well, Withdoll does skin events each two month, so probable you could get her on the next skin tone in Gray or Gray UV.

      I had considered getting her in RS and with small bust, but I think that would the last resource, even if I love the WD body. But, I must confess that you had I good idea :3

      I was also worried you hadn't post anything in a couple days, you always post a lot on your blog :3 Nice to see you again around!

    2. If I get her, it won't be for a long while! ;)

      I figure if a Minifee hybrid doesn't workout, there's always the option of using Withdoll's other bust size. Just something to fall back on. ^^ But I think she'd look adorable on the M-line body, even if the resin match was off. The dolls from Withdoll seem to have a smaller head than the average MSD based on photos I've seen on Flickr, I think her head would look nice on the M-line body (since it is smaller, as you mentioned) if the neck and neck-hole work together.

      I haven't posted anything in awhile because I've been really sick the past week. I've just been quietly lurking when I haven't been sleeping. I'm getting better, though so hopefully I can get back to posting soon! ♥

    3. Ohh! I hope you will get better soon! :3 My best wishes!!

      Yes, WD heads are pretty small. I checked the site and both the m-line body and WD head has 6.5 from beck circumference. I also confirmed it with my own doll... I think that without the neck-piece it could look good.

    4. Aw, thank you! ♥ Sleeping a lot seems to be helping, so that's what I've been doing! :)

      Hopefully someone with an M-line and a doll from WD that has a similar head size to Ruby can try out the hybrid without the Minifee neck-piece to confirm that it works. A mismatch in resin color can be fixed with blushing or even air-brushing. ^^ I'm excited to see this hybrid now if you do it! :D

    5. I'm happy you are better :3

      I'm excited about the hybrid too, but I think that removing the neck piece is kind of hard, so I don't know if someone could do it. I only got the comparison with the a-line (interchangeable neck piece with m-line) and with the neck piece.

    6. I've strung a Minifee before -- the doll has to be unstrung to remove the neck-piece, and then an s-hook or other type of hook needs to be put in place instead and the doll restrung. It takes some time, and can be complicated, so that may be why comparison photos without the neck-piece haven't been done yet. Hopefully someone with the tools, time, and both doll types will do it soon! :)

    7. I hope so! But I won't push anyone to do it just to see if they are compatible =S

  4. Did you ever find out anything else about this? I've wanted a Minifee body forever and recently saw Withdoll Emma and fell in love. I think they'd be perfect together, but like you, are nervous. I don't mind fairyland's heads, but I'm just not in love. I saw Emma and my heart fluttered! I'd love to know if you ever found out if they'd work. :)

    1. Well, I found this photo on Flickr with a head-swap, without removing the MNF neck connector:

      AFAIK, the neck on regular A-line chest parts is too wide and won't look good. You have a chance with the M-line. However, another thing I found is that MNF resin yellows too fast compared to Withdoll's, and the head/body will stop matching soon.

      That is all I know. If you want to hybrid because of pose-ability of the body, Withdoll is great! If you re-string the body with thicker strings and do suede, the body does wonders.

      Let me know if this helps you!