Sunday 17 July 2016

Mature Minis Hybrid Reference

Hello everyone!! Here we have another reference post, and this time it is a collaboration with the amazing Peppermint_Circus (see her Instagram here). She has a lot of dolls, and did a lot of head-swapping for me to share here, so all the photos you will see on this post belong to her. Also, she provided most of the info for this post!

This reference also contains the following information: neck/fit, possible resin matches, overall look, and extra info. Please, do take in mind that some of this data is subjective. Also, most of the dolls were addressed on my Mature Mini Girls List or the Mature Mini Boys List.

Anyways, I hope you will find this useful! Everything starts under the cut.

Withdoll Male Head on Souldoll NL and MNF

Neck/Fit: good. The head fits well on the neck, although I think the female heads have a better proportion. It still looks very good though.

Resin match: (Withdoll NS vs Souldoll NS) variable. Here the resin match for NS is perfect, like if it was from the same company. However, other people have said they have had not so good matches. Apparently Souldoll resin varies quite a bit by batch. So you might have to blush the head to match. You can see a comparison by Yennaof White skins here.

Overall Look: The souldoll body is great for a mature hybrid, because it has a lovely hourglass figure and seems to work with a variety of heads. It also comes in a small bust version and in white skin. It's a taller body than Minifee, and looks very mature. Here we see it with a Withdoll Nei head, which is a male head.

Other Info: Older Withdoll male heads (such as Fenrir) were a size 7-8". This comparison is using the newer heads, which are 6-7", but slightly bigger than female heads.

Withdoll heads on MNF Fairyline and A-Line

Neck/Fit: excellent. If you want that gorgeous Fairyline body but want a more in proportion head, a female Withdoll head is great option.

Resin match: excellent. Both are very new, so the comparison is useful and updated.

Overall Look: The MNF body was covered above, but here you can see a female head on the new FL Fairyline body. The two FL bodies have pretty much have the same proportions and measurements, so the head fits the same. Again, you need to remove the head connector to make a hybrid. The Fairyline body has different bust sizes (the pictured one has the largest bust) which are interchangeable. However, it's a very new line and you can't buy the bust sizes separately at this stage.

Other Info: Fairyline bodies are not strung traditionally. You can check this official video from minute 1:04 to get an idea.

Withdoll, Souldoll, Aquarius, Unoa and Minifee

Neck/Fit: The NS doll on the left side is a Withdoll female head (Eliza) on Souldoll NL body. The fit is good, and the head has a nice range on motion. Aquarius AQR neck is thicker than the rest (close to 7.5cm), so be careful when hybridizing.

Resin match: yellowing on the Unoa/MNF hybrid makes impossible any statement about resin match.

Overall Look: Next to the Withdoll/Souldoll hybrid is an Aquariusdoll Chloe. This is another great mature mini doll, and has the same measurements as Souldoll, which helps for clothes buying/sewing. These two bodies make a good match for hybrids: very similar heights and proportions. Next to it, just for interest, is a Unoa head on a Minifee body. Unoa look bigger than the withdoll and AQR heads, even though they also take 6-7" wigs.

Chicline, Aquarius, Fairyline and Withdoll

  • Aquariusdoll head on the Fairyline body: good. This looked far better than I thought it would!
  • Withdoll female head on Aquariusdoll body: good. Even though the AQR neck is much thicker it still seems to work.

Resin match:
  • Aquariusdoll head on the Fairyline body: We weren't able to find anything useful, but both white skins may be a close match. However, take in mind that yellowing may affect the match.
  • Withdoll female head on Aquariusdoll body: The info about Aquarius resin match is scarce.

Overall Look: The Chicline body (headless on the far left) is here for the sake of completeness: its neck is so small (6cm) that almost everything looks bobble-headed.

Other Info: There is a lot of extra info in here.
  • Ayu and Ana did have an Aquarius head on a MNF Mow-Line body, in white skin. You can see it on the far right side of this photo. Apparently, the white skin was a good match, but I have no more info.
  • Ana Valeria has a lot of info on her blog about Soom Rosette heads on FL Chicline bodies. However, take in mind that Soom Rosette is on stand-by since they had some issue, and there has been a sale in a year or so.

Aquarius, Withdoll and Souldoll

  • Aquariusdoll head, Withdoll body: poor. The Withdoll body has an unusually long neck, and it really doesn't look good with this head. However, if it was sanded down it would work. Could probably also work with other hybrids. The male Withdoll head looks bobble headed on the female body (no photo of that, though).
  • Withdoll male head, Aquariusdoll body: Not bad. The female head looks less bobble-headed.
  • Withdoll male head, Souldoll general body: Unknown. The head's proportion to the body is pretty good, very similar to MNF, but this is a modded body and the neck could have been sanded down. On this example, the fit it's not good at all: the head keeps flopping to weird angles, but it's likely to be better on an unmodded body.

Resin match: Stated on previous comparisons.

Overall Look:
  • Aquariusdoll head, Withdoll body:
  • Withdoll male head, Aquariusdoll body:
  • Withdoll male head, Souldoll general body:

Other Info: The Souldoll General body is an older body, that seems to be being phased out. However, We have included this example as it does pop up secondhand and might still be produced later. It's a nicely proportioned body, very similar in size and style to Minifee.

Narae on Impldoll Body

Neck/Fit: good. It fits decently.

Resin Match: Impldoll does color matching upon request: you sent a headcap or other part, and they do the body to match that resin sample. This is why the hybrid on the photo matches perfectly. This hybrid looks really good in real life, but oddly enough photographs as a different colour; it could be because they are different types of resin.

Overall Look: The Impldoll Young body is great: stands like a rock, poses well, is a lovely mature body and really good quality

Other Info: You can see my list of mature mini boys in this link.

Well, this is all for today!! I hope somebody finds this post useful. In the meantime, I want to thank Peppermint_Circus once again, because she did a lot of work to get this post going on! I hope you are doing great, and have a great weekend!


  1. This collab is amazing! I'm sure it will prove useful in the future, thanks for sharing!!

    1. It is a lot of work, indeed!
      I do hope somebody finds it useful, I personally love Aquarius heads on Minifee body!

  2. Another great reference post! I'm impressed by the look of the Aquarius body. Depending on how the knees look when bent, I could see myself buying one of their dolls.

    Maybe it's my monitor, but the color of the MiniFee body in the first 3 photos is shocking. It looks like an old Beauty White body that has turned green over time. It's sometimes referred to as Beauty Green.

    1. The AQR46 body is really pretty!! I think there are photos of the knees bending on the Mature Mini list. They are pretty to me!

      And yes, the MNF body color is shocking. For what I've read, their dolls lately yellow so fast.

  3. Hi Musume,
    I'm always interested in seeing body/head comparisons, so I am pleased you shared these. I'm sure they will come in handy for everyone who has an interest in hybriding dolls.

    1. Glad you liked this! :D
      I hope it is helpful for somebody!

  4. This is really helpful, I've been lucky in the past creating hybrids! XD

    1. :D That is great, you should share it too!

  5. This was great! It is always good with these comparisons and it will come to good use, need to save it as a reference! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad to read you find it useful!! :D

  6. These are always great, thanks so much for sharing it! :D

  7. What color is the withdoll/souldoll hybrid in the first picture? The withdollis what skin type?

    1. Hey! They are both Normal Skin, as it says on the text below the image. There is good complementary info written there. But as it is reported on that text, the match is not always accurate, as Souldoll resin tends to change from batch to batch.