Sunday 10 July 2016

Mature Mini Boys List (4/4)

Hey there!! It is finally here: the list for Mature Mini Boys! I refused to think there were so little options, but yeah, we are mostly stuck. Boys on this size tend to be baby-faced with a six-pack abs.

I selected the companies I will list here by a rule of thumb. To fit in this category, the BJDs should be 1/4 sized, have mature body and mature face (not stylized, mostly oval instead of rounded or v-shaped). The head should be around 6-7", which is slightly bigger than "realistic proportions" and should match the style of my previous Mature Mini Girls list.

This time, for each brand, I'm addressing the following information: head size, eye size, height, available face-ups options, skin tones, body options, extra info, and links. Hope you will find this useful! All the photos belong to their respective companies.

Anyways, I won't be doing a list of mature boy bodies, but I will try to list some info I have in this list. And without further ado... the info begins under the cut!

Iplehouse JID

Head Size: 6-7".

Eyes: 10~12mm, preferably low dome and small iris.

Face ups: They offer default faceups, and through the Doll Choice you can ask for the faceup of another Iplehouse doll, regardless of size. They also do custom faceups.

Skin Tones: from white to ebony (a really dark tan), in both urethane resin glow resin (apparently it is not environmental/French resin, but a formula developed by Iplehouse). The darker tones can only be ordered through the Doll Choice system.

Body Options: There are two bodies: Muscle and Model, and you can choose Mobility or General type (a joint in the thigh) for both of them. The Muscle body is slightly thicker, but they both appear to be the same height. You cannot purchase body only or head only.

Sales Type: Basic dolls, but you can also order them from the Doll Choice to get limited heads and darker skin tones.

Links: Basic JID boys. Doll Choice opens from the 1st to 15th of each month.

Withdoll Mini (JWD)

Head Size: 6-7". Although older heads as Fenris were 7-8".

Eyes: 10~12mm, preferably low dome and small iris.

Face ups: Default or blank, although you can request small changes as changing brow color.

Skin Tones: From white to dark tans, including gray and green. The skin tones labeled as (UV) are environmental resin. As basics, only lighter colors are available, but they do "skin tone events" were you can order basic dolls in any skin tone they have.

Body Options: There is only one body, with no options. However, you can get head only, or body only too.

Sales Type: Mostly basic dolls, although they do time-limited dolls too. They do a lot of re-releases for limited dolls.

Other Info: Some male heads may look good as girls, and some girl heads may look good as males. Here is a head-swap by Alaia (DoA's nickname), and a close up. Some of the newer heads, like Egon, are extremely childish.

Links: Body only sales page, and Basic dolls sales page (all sizes are mixed here).

Luts ModelDelf

Head Size: Close to 6".

Eyes: 8~10mm, lower dome and small iris.

Face ups: Default faceup only.

Skin Tones: white, normal, real, and some tans.

Body Options: A lot! There are four types of torsos: a shredded and a less built one, jointed or one-piece, and two types of legs (muscled and regular). You can also get the body alone, or with a head.

Sales Type: Basic dolls and occasionally time-limited/event dolls.

Other Info: AjiAji (nickname from DoA) made a comparison between Male Withdoll and Male MDF: full body and head close-up. I personally think they could go together and that wigs will hide any difference. Also, Alaia made a headswap: Withdoll male head on MDF body.

Links: Body choice, and basic dolls (mixed with girls).

Souldoll Soulkid

Head Size: 6-7".

Eyes: 10~12mm, low dome and small iris.

Face ups: Souldoll offers default faceups, but you can also request custom faceups.

Skin Tones: white, normal, tan and a new darker tan.

Body Options: The body featured here is the NewLine (NL) body, which is 47cm tall.

Sales Type: You can get the body alone (only in white or normal), or a doll with a head. There are no extra options for this body. There usually basic dolls and occasionally time-limited dolls. They don't do re-releases.

Other Info: The neck of this body is too thin for the Vito head. I will put images on the Vito feature.

Links: Body sales page, and basic dolls. You can also order through Alice Collections, but they don't offer the custom faceups.

Migidoll M-Cute

Head Size: 6-7", although slightly closer to 7".

Eyes: 12mm, probably small iris.

Face ups: Default only.

Skin Tones: white or normal, sometimes suntan.

Body Options: There are two bodies, but this review focuses on the Guy body, that is more mature and well defined than the other. I have no info on their pose-ability.

Sales Type: Basic dolls only, head only, and body only. Their dolls appear sold out, but they open the sales during a fixed period of time (much like Bluefairy is doing). You can write on the Q/A and they give you the next ordering date.

Other Info: All the heads are a little stylized, but I guess they can work. Except Joel, which is a baby with a six-pack body. Anyways, the thing is Migidolls are hybridized a lot, so there is a lot of info about resin match. Here is a comparison by ShadowedForce. It also may match LittleMonica's resin.

Links: Guy body sales page, and M-Cute sales page.

YouplaDolls 35cm Line

Head Size: 5-6", closer to 6".

Eyes: the page states 6~7mm, but an 8mm small iris would work.

Face ups: limited option for custom faceup.

Skin Tones: Depends on the pre-order, so far it was normal and tan.

Body Options: None. For now, only one body and one head available.

Sales Type: This is an artist doll, therefore the artist works with pre-orders.

Other Info: This body is 35cm tall. I'm listing it because I think the head is mature enough, and who knows? Maybe somebody has a mature OC that is very short. There are short persons, too xD I thought this doll fitted most of the criteria for this list.

Links: Artist website.

Bimong Narin

Head Size: 6-7".

Eyes: 10-12mm, preferably small iris.

Face ups: blank, or two default faceups.

Skin Tones: Only normal, for now.

Body Options: None. For now, only one body and one head available.

Sales Type: Basic doll only on the artist website.

Other Info: After all the issues Bimong had with D-Storic, he opened his own website, and is slowly adding dolls to the available ones. Narin N411 was only added a few months ago, so maybe he will keep adding dolls. Personally, I find Narin can make an excellent Asian-looking boy.

Links: Art-Bimong website, Narin boys category.

The following are tall bodies around 50~52cm, that may look nice near a regularly sized Mature Mini BJD.

Souldoll Vito

Head Size: 6-7".

Eyes: 10~12mm small iris.

Face ups: Souldoll offers default faceups, but you can also request custom faceups.

Skin Tones: white, normal, tan and a new darker tan.

Body Options: There are two bodies. They have the same measures and the only variation is if their double joints are visible or hidden.

Sales Type: You can get body only, and get basic full dolls. Souldoll occasionally offers time-limited dolls. They don't do re-releases.

Other Info: Wildcard_Snowy did a headswap of Vito with Soulkids. Soulkid's neck is too thin for Vito heads.

Links: Bodies sales page, and basic Vito boys sales page.

Soom Idealian 51

Head Size: closer to 6".

Eyes: 8~10mm, lower dome and small iris.

Face ups: Default faceup only.

Skin Tones: white, normal and some tans.

Body Options: None. Only one body.

Sales Type: Currently they are all sold out. Ocasionally, Soom releases an Idealian51 through TheGem. Otherwise, you can hope for a FCE (Full Choice Event) or get them second hand.

Other Info: This body is 51cm tall, and their neck is really thick compared to the head width.

Links: Idealian website.

Unoa Elder Brother

Head Size: 6-7".

Eyes: 12mm, probably small iris.

Face ups: Heads come blank.

Skin Tones: white skin, normal skin, maybe the new tan skin.

Body Options: There are two bodies with different torso, but no other options.

Sales Type: Your best change is getting them through UnoAlchemy, who sells B-Grade kits (legit dolls with small flaws) or in DoA's MP.

Other Info: In my opinion, they look borderline stylized, but I guess that with the proper styling they could pass as tall Asian boys. This dolls are 50cm tall, so they would look like a Basketball player near a regular sized person.

Links: Monthly available dolls at UnoAlchemy.

Okay, so this is it for now!! I hope you will find this useful, and if you have info to add or correct, let me know. I will have an incoming hybrids collab post, and I hope you will enjoy that too! Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Mis preciosossssss!!! XD

    Thank you for doing this post :D!! I was looking forward to this day~! I once sw vito dolls next to soulkids and I didn't like it.
    I wish I could find photos of more soulkids next to other mature minis listed in this thread. I like iple and souldoll sculpts the most out of all of these. Did you see the new soulkid guy> I think he's very handsome *_*
    I wish the new zenith girl was msd XD

    1. Happy you liked the list!! Yes, the photo you mean is linked in the Vito extra information :)

  2. Oh, y Lazaruz de Nidum dolls:

    1. Se ven interesantes, pero no para esta lista. Para la de Realistic Minis.

    2. OK, eso ya tú según cómo lo organices ;D

  3. What a great reference post. Thank you so much for taking the time to compile all of these. I will have to go and check out the other posts too. There were a few on here I didn't know about at all!

    1. Happy that you find this useful! I have another post incoming this week, too.

  4. I love these reference posts! Thank you so much for doing them. You may have saved me from making a mistake in my next order from Souldoll, because I was going to get the Titika boy's head to use on my Vito guy's body. Looks like that won't work and I'll be ordering a girl instead.

    1. Ohhh, I'm glad this helped you!!
      Kids heads do not work at all on Vito bodies sadly =S

  5. It's interesting to see there are so few mature mini boys! I'm sure it's even harder to find clothes for slim MSD boys than girls! (I've nearly exlusively found clothes for "chubby" MSD girls here in Asia)

    1. Yes, they are so few!!
      And yes again to the clothes. I have lurked some DoA threads, and they are always hunting for proper clothes.

  6. I love these reference posts that you do - even in a category like this where I expected to know all the options I'm still getting to learn about new dolls. I'd never heard of Youpla Dolls before, but now I'll be watching for their work! :)

    1. Happy it helps to meet new companies and brands!! :D

  7. Another really great comparison. It keeps amazing me how varied sculpts can be.

  8. Coming back to your older posts as I wanted to see any photos from realistic MSD size / Slim mini boys. I've been trying to find options for having a love interest for some of my girls and maybe one of these will do. You're so right, there's no much choises.

    I was eyeing for the Iplehouse boys and I guess one of them would be a good option. I do like Souldoll Soulkid and Withdolls too, I've been trying to find good comparison photos from them.

    Even tough I like the Luts dolls a lot I find their heads will not be compatible with any of my Minifee girls or my Narae. The faces of the Luts are smaller and I know it would really bother me a lot if the boys face is a lot smaller than girls.

    I'm totally waiting for Bimong to sculpt the Narin boy body as I really would love to have one if the head is to my liking. I kinda like the Neo Narin head but the face I really like is his Grey, SD boy. I wish there'd be something like that in MSD size too as most boys are child like or at least look very young.

    Also, I didn't know Migidoll has MSD size boys and even if there's only one real option in the heads (Hiro) which I think is a bit more mature, a face up can totally change a sculpt in more mature type. I will definitely try to find more information about them if they're still sold as this post is older. :)

    Thanks again for this. :)