Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Angell-Studio Accesories Feedback

Yesterday all the hope was lost, and I went to the postal service website in order to get the national number of my oh-so-lost Angell-Studio (AS) package, and I found that it was in my city! Today I went to work and right after turning the PC on I check the status and it was with the postman!! I couldn't believe it. I was really happy, because it seams that the postal employees strike was finally over... but also, when I checked the package I realized something: the AS employee did not wrote the postal code of my address. OH-MY-GOD.

Anyways, on the weekend I'm going to do an extensive review of the wigs, showing the changeable one in action. Here is a crappy and ultra-fast cellphone pic, with my feedback for AS.

The feedback under the cut!

* What did you order?
Three wigs in 6-7 size, un saddle-type stand for 1/4.

* When did you order?
August 3rd.

* How was the communication?
The communication was simple, and they were really kind. But then I had an issue with the package taking more than a month to arrive, I wrote to them asking if they could track the package in the chinese site, but they never answered.

* How easy was it to pay?
It was pretty easy. You have to wait until they email an invoice, and then manually make the payment through Paypal. What I really did not like, is that they charged me their Paypal fees, without saying a word before the payment. This is against Paypal TOS.

* How long did it take to ship?
They took 10 days to ship something that was in stock, and they did not gave me the tracking number until I asked again if my package was going to be shipped soon.

* Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
It was perfect, and amazing. The quality of the wigs is amazing, not shiny at all, soft and silky. Perrrfect.

* Did the item look like the sales pictures?
They look better because AS tends to take pics using flash, and the wigs looks shiny. They also sent the wigs and stand really nicely packaged, with lots of bubble wraps and plastic bags.

* Were you satisfied with the product?
Yes!!! A lot!

* If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?

* Would you order from this company again?
I really like the quality of the wigs and stand, but I don't know. They did not answered when I had a problem, and then when I was reading the address on the box, I found out that they did not wrote my postal code... that was a huge mistake that could have been expensive. But anyways, the items are perfect and more than I was expecting.

* Would you buy this company's products second-hand?
Probably, if they are in decent state.


  1. I'm so happy, you received your stuff! I'll look forward to seeing more pictures. :3

    1. Thanks!! I was really happy came from work directly to open the parcel and check everything! I hope to do a nice review of the wigs and stand on the weekend.

  2. me alegra que finalmente hayan llegado! son hermosas :3 por suerte lo del código postal no fue tan grave como podría haber sido!!

    1. ¡Ciertamente! La verdad que estaba muy preocupada con este tema :(