Sunday 29 September 2013

Angell-Studio Wigs Review

Hello!! Well, today is the wig review I promised. I took a lot of pictures of the three wigs I got, and here you will read a lot of info of them, and also comparative pics with the promo pics in the sales page of Angell-Studio.

Reddish Brown Curl Hair (6/7)
It is a beautiful carrot colour, really similar to the one on the sales page, but it doesn't have anything of brown. It has a stretchy head-cap, and the fiber is thin, soft and shiny... so I don't know if it is heat resistant or not.
AS 6/7 Reddish Brown Curl Hair, modeled by Coco.
Since it came, the bangs had this weird issue and they look too puffy or fluffly and I can't make them look decent. I have the wig with a hat to gently press the bangs to their position, but so far they aren't cooperating.

This wig has a lot of hair on it, and I had to comb it a little with the brush to take out the frizz of it. It is really nice, and in the pics doesn't look to be shiny, What I have to mention is that this wig is more 7 than 6, because it enters smoothly on Coco's head (she is 6"), and there is no need to use the elastic on the wig.

Here you have a comparison with the promo pic:
Left: Angell-Studio promo pic. Right: Coco modeling the wig.

Moonlight Princess Golden Wig (6/7)
Well, this wig is gorgeous. It has a lot of hair, but the fiber is thin and a little shiny. It is really curly and it isn't as posable as a straight hair wig, but... that is what happens with curly hair in real life, right? So, for me, it is perfect.
Moonlight Princess Golden Wig, modeled by Coco.
I love this wigh with the side bangs! I only needed to brush the bangs, and the wig was perfect when it came. I must say that it seems that this wig is more 6 than 7, because it is really tight on Coco, ad she as a pretty small head, anyways! Also, in pics it looks a little more matte than what it is in real life.

Here you can see a comparison with the promo pics:
Left: AS promo pic of the wig. Right: Coco modeling the wig.

Flaxen Brown Changeable Curly Hair (6/7)
This is a changeable wig, which means you can take the ponytails out and put them in other side, or let only the central part of the wig on. I must say this is really different from the other wigs: the fiber is thicker and really matte looking; it doesn't shine at all, and even the head-cap is different, so I'm guessing it could be from a different manufacturer.
AS Flaxen Brown changeable wig, modeled by Coco.
In the pic before you can see the central part of the wig, and how it looks from the side and backwards. Each ponytails have a hook made of very thick and clear plastic, and that is what allows to be put in any part of the wig. In the outside is really cool, but the inside part looks scary and unfinished. Look at the next pic:
Top: three parts of the wig. Center: inside of the ponytail. Bottom: outside of the ponytail.
Yeah, it looks scary. But it is a really cool wig. It didn't took me much to style it and take the frizz out of it, but the ponytails may be too heavy for some poses, so that is something to consider. It is really soft and cute, and everything, though!

Here you have a pic with one and both ponytails. You can put them anywhere you want, not only on the sides:
Two or one ponytails, on the changeable wig.
I love this wig and I think it has a lot more uses than the lolita-styled one. Putting the ponytails on the back with some ribbons can make a decent party hairstyle.

Hope this was usefull!! :3 See you on Thusday with October's interview ♥


  1. que lindas! la pelirroja es preciosa, le queda muy bien a Coco!! *3*

    1. Si esa es preciosa!! El problema es que no se cómo arreglarle el flequillo para que no se levante =S Por ahora sólo la puede usar con gorritos =S

  2. It's great you seem satisfied with the wigs. :) Sometimes when you gamble, you get lucky. ^^

    1. Yeah, I really like them! I bought from them for the prices and some good reviews, it was nice to see the wigs so cute!