Friday 25 October 2013

A Steampunk Elf Arrival! - Box Opening

Well, I almost did not shared this before because I wanted it to be a surprise, so, surprise!! Hahaha. 

Ok, lets start from the beginning. A dear friend of mine is trying to start her own BJD store, and she made a beautiful elf named Ofelia. I was once browsing the pics of a custom cast she made for herself with steampunk mods, when my mutti arrived to my house... and she saw the pics! She fell for the doll, but knowing about the prices she did not said anything.

Later I talked with my friend, and she made me a special price for an artist cast doll, also with steampunk mods. I told my mutti about the doll, and she was so excited that I bought Ofelia for her :3 So mutti, if you are reading this, welcome to the hobby! Anyways, the doll came in today, with a lot of surprises, and here is the box opening!

(Please excuse the background mess, I took my mom by surprise, arriving to her home with the box!)

That is the lovely box, complete golden -excuse the bad lights- with the logo on it. "Peregrina" means "pilgrim" ♥ So adorable! Anyways, more pics under the cut!

Here are the lovely handmade cushions:

And here, mutti's hand holding the dolly mummy, with my dad drinking his tea in the back. My hubby was in another angle, smiling to our continue squee-ing and omg-ing!:

The gorgeous hands with the steampunk detail! I was amazed at how the golden parts looks, they seam so real!

So, I forgot to take pics for a while xD So, here we were when my hubby spotted a little golden bag inside the box, and when mutti opened, there was Ofelia's sleeping head as a gift! And also, my friend included a CoA! Here they are, eyeless:

So here is a final pic of the doll lying in the cushion, with her eyes on:

I apologize for the crappy pics, mutti rushed through the BO and I did not have time to take a lot of pics. Hope to be able to borrow her a couple hours on the weekend, so I can take pics alongside Coco.

This girl is 1/4 sized, in beauty white skin, with epoxy steampunk mods. She has a full bodyblush and faceup by Morla. Also, my mutti named her Calina -I guess it pronounces KAH-LEE-NAH.

So, please welcome her! And I hope to bring decent pics soonish!


  1. me alegra mucho que les haya gustado!!!! que lindas fotos de llegada sacaste amiga!!! :)
    Calina se ve muy contenta en su nuevo hogar :3 espero ver muchas fotos de ella y Coco! espero que sean grandes amigas igual que nosotras! Bienvenida al hobby Graciela!!! ♥♥♥

    1. Gracias amiga!!! :3 Yo creo que a mutti le encantó, espero sacar más fotos pronto!! Gracias, te quedó preciosa con tanto detale!!

  2. I've never heard of these dolls before, but wow, she looks so adorable! I hope your mother will get lots of fun with her. Please tell your mother congrats from me! :)
    Also Calina is a pretty name. :)

    1. Thanks!! You never heard because my friend never casted professionally her doll :3 I hope she will be able to do it soon!

    2. I hope so too. She's very talented! :)

    3. thanks!!! :3 I hope so too!!! hahahaha

  3. Wow, she is stunning, her little smile is adorable. :D
    I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of her with Coco. ^^

    1. Hey, thank you!! I really like her smile, too :3