Monday, 28 October 2013

Coco and Calina Photoshoot

Well, Saturday started with a huge storm, and since it was pouring outside, I had almost no natural light to take up some pics. Today I woke up with gorgeous cloudless sky -win!. I rushed to my mom's then came home with Calina, took *a lot* of pics, and rushed to take the doll home again, hahaha.

Anyways, I apologize for using the brick background again, I really need to get myself some more decent photo backgrounds to use in the pics. Here they are, credits for everything at the bottom of the blogpost.

More under the cut!

I wanted to showcase Calina's dress, but being black it was really hard to take pics of the detail, without the doll getting overexposed. Need to practice this.

Yup, she has mani and pedi ♥

Here are some with Coco and Calina stading together. Coco es 42cm tall, and Calina is 39cm tall... pretty close to the MNF m-line size. How cute!!!

(Without heels, for easy comparison)

Now time for credits!!

Coco (Withdoll Basic Rachel, normal skin):
  • Wig: Angell Studio 6-7 Moonlight Pricess
  • Eyes: Eyeco 11mm Dreamy
  • Faceup: default.
  • Shoes: Coolcat Black Pumps in MSD size.
  • Dress: myself :3
  • Pin, hat and jacket: my mom ♥

Calina (Peregrina Ofelia, artists cast, white skin):
  •  Wig: Coolcat 6-7 Snow White
  • Eyes: Alice Collection 8mm.
  • Faceup: Morla
  • Shoes: Coolcat Black Pumps in MSD size.
  • Dress + belt: my mom ♥


  1. Se ven adorables juntas!!! Calina tiene mas cara de nena juguetona al lado de Coco!! jajaja hermosas fotos ♥

    1. Si es cierto! Calina hace que Coco se vea super adulta con cara de mala, jajaja. Gracias, te quedó preciosa Calina!!

  2. Great pictures! They look so lovely together.
    Coco's dress is really cute! :D

    1. Thanks!! :3 You are really kind! I also love the height difference!