Monday, November 25, 2013

Maybe I Need a Tiny - Part 2

I know I did a post like this before... Those are the three I like the most, but then I saw more sculpts that made me doubt. Anyways, this isn't a buying list, as always -in fact, I'm hoping Soom Rosette will do an X-Mas kit again this year so I can get a Rosette -which won't likely happen, since last year even started at November 1st, and so far there is no news about a Soom Christmas event.

Ok, so here are some more sculpts... Damn swamp that made me think I need a tiny to make them cute and frilly girly dresses.

Withdoll 16cm Basic Donnie
Withdoll Basic Donnie
Yup, I'm a Withdoll fan! I love this tiny doll, and since they allow to choose the body gender, I think I would order it as a girl, and maybe on Rose White, or Brown Tan. Also, with the default faceup.

I always thought the Lati Yellow where so cute, but I also heard about their bad possability, and that put me down. The Kitty I handmade is cute and all, but she is such a bad poser that I always get frustrated when trying to pose her. I also read that Withdoll 16cm are great posers, so I really liked this tiny one.

The pros are that I would be able to get LY sized shoes that fit, and a cute diorama to take awesome pics -but I still lack of a proper camera. The bad thing is that I think it will maybe be a challenge to sew for it, and that is why I haven't made a decision. The price is awesome, and even more with the launching event.

5StarDoll Tong Tong
5StarDoll Tong Tong
This girl has a story with me. When I first discovered the BJDs, I loved anthro and tiny dolls, specially Pipos. But then, I saw this girl, and was the first my -in that moment- boyfriend told me he liked. I came to name her, even if I knew I couldn't get a doll soon, and set her as my grail. Things changed when I discovered I loved to sew, and that I wanted a mature doll in the 1/4 range, so I putted Tong Tong aside.

After re-discovering I want/need a tiny, I thought of this girl. I love smiling dolls (found that out after watching my mom's doll), and this girl also come with cat-paws and horns. I would order her in normal/tan skin, with custom face up. She is a tall 1/6 doll, measuring 29cm tall, but I find her so cute! And that smile!

About pose-ability I have read so many good things of this brand! The dolls are all double jointed, the quality of the resin is great (not french resin anymore), and the custom faceups are amazing. For what I have seen, Tong Tong is their most popular doll. I can see why ♥

Pipos PO11 Dorothy Gift Edition
Pipos Dorothy Gift Edition
And a list wouldn't be a list without an impossible -so here it is. I remember I saw this doll back when it came in the event, and loved her. I love the wig too, and the style they gave her, but she is now sold out and barely pops up on DoA's marketplace. It is not like I *die* for this doll, I just simple like it, so I guess there are a lot of better choices before her.

If I could, I would order her in normal skin, with default faceup and wig.

One of the new releases, Luna Basic Edition, is -in my eyes- pretty similar to Dorothy, but she doesn't have everything to end up catching my eye on her. I don't know, I'm just stating the dolls I like, I think I would felt really limited if I only had child-like dolls and couldn't do elaborate outfits for them... or maybe Coco is just so spoiled!

Anyways, this was all for today. I hope that the new shoes will arrive soon, I'm so sick of having postal troubles with every damn package I'm getting.


  1. I really like the Withdoll Donnie! She's really adorable. I think 16cm would be such a cute size, but sadly it wouldn't fit into my story as it is now. :(
    I've owned a 5Star Super girl body and it wasn't a bad poser, but definitely not good either. Honestly, I've seen a thing with people who collect "cheaper" brands of BJDs and how they praise the companies sooo much, but when I buy one of them, I get so disappointed.
    But the tinies could indeed be a lot better posers, I wouldn't know.
    But it sounds like you like her a lot, so I think you should consider her. :)

    1. Yes, I have liked Tong Tong for a lot of time, but right now I'm so sold on Donny! And even more with the discount event going on, I even looked for a wig for it and shoes! Hahaha. I did not buy anything right now, but it is a big debate with myself.