Friday, 15 November 2013

Maybe I Need a Tiny

Ok, so I entered in a swap with a local dolly group, and I had to do something for a girl with a 1/6  tiny girly dolly. I'm doing a cute sundress with a bunny-eared crochet hat (my mom is teaching me to knit). The thing is that I had a lot of fun sewing the sundress, and I thought that I would really like to have a dolly for that kind of clothes too... maybe she could be Coco's little sister :3

So, I have been thinking on some sculpts that I like, and here are some of them. Click the "Read More" option to go with all the pics and details ♥

Iplehouse KID Lonnie
Iplehouse KID Lonnie
Yup, you got me. I'm an Iple fangirl. I really like the KID body, both boy and girl, and I love Lonnie's faces, specially with the A-type makeup with all the freckles... I don't know, someday I decided I loved dolls with freckles, specially the young ones, and then I loved this face up.

Iple has lots of fantastic sculpts, like Lisa, but I find her too mature. The only thing I don't like is that I don't see their KID sculpts as boys =S Most of them on DoA and Flickr are girls, so I can't see them as boys, even if with the correct faceup they will look like one.

She is the tallest of the 1/6 I like, and the more expensive one, too.

Momocolor Lucy / Chloe
Momocolor Momo29 Chloe
Well, I originally didn't gave too much attention to this store, but after talking with a friend, she introduced me to Lucy, and I really liked her. I watched LadyVenetica's Momo29 body review on Youtube, and ended up hooked on those dolls.

But, since Momocolor discontinued all of their original sculpts -even Lucy, that was ever so popular- I was really disappointed. They now released two new sculpts, but I don't know if they are permanent or just time limited -I'm guessing more on the second one, though.

Anyways, Lucy pops up a lot on DoA marketplace, but I don't know... they are some relatively inexpensive dollies, and they always come up with such beautiful new sculpts!

Bluefairy ShinyFairy Clare/ hybrid 
Bluefairy Shiny Fairy Clare
To be honest, I can't see any difference between Blufairy's sculpts, and their meh-faceups annoy me so *so* much. Of all their head sculpts, in this line, Clare is the one that I like the most, and after watching her a little, I think she has some resemblance to the Withdoll Rachel sculpt. But I hate their make up.

I also love the Shiny Fairy Girl Blossom Body really much and, after watching  the possibilities of that body -that Turbow showed on her Volks-Bluefairy hibryd called Baby-D- I could contemplate and hybrid. The target head? Fairyland LTF Nanuri 13. It is so different from the usual LTF heads, and I love it... but as always, there must be an issue, and it is called "headback". The LTF are faceplates and FL doesn't sell LTF headbacks alone. So even if I get the faceplate and the body, I wouldn't be able to get the damn headback. Oh, silly complicated hobby.

Ok, this were some of my choices. Hope you have liked it! I have another dolly-plans blogpost prepared to post, soon :3 BTW, next week I'm going out on a business-trip, this time I will take my hubby with me!


  1. Haha, I've owned dolls from all three companies. :P Shortly.
    But I definitely prefer Iple and Bluefairy. I don't know, I feel about Bluefairy, as I do about Peak's Wood, I just love their style. Even the boring face-up. :P Clare is also on my wishlist, as a boy though.
    I hope you'll be able to decide and get Coco a sister. Personally I think sisters are the most beautiful relationships in the world, but that may be because I've never had such a relationship.

    1. I really like BF. Maybe with a different face-up she will look amazing. I also really like sister relationship but, as you, I never had such. I also love Iple, so that is a really hard decision.

  2. I have to say, I own a Bluefairy, MSD size, and love her (the Olive Sculpt)... but I'm a total sucker for Iplehouse... they're just so beautiful!!!

    1. I know right! I love Iple's realism!!! But the BF Shiny Fairy Blossom body is just *so* perfect! Need to add you on Flickr, Heather :3

  3. yo no tengo ninguna tan chiquitita, pero debe ser muy divertido!! Me gustaría tener alguna algun día y hacerle vestiditos estilo Sarah Kay :3
    De las que pusiste la que más me gusta es la de iple. De momocolor me gustan mas otras, esa no me gusta mucho la boca la verdad :/

    1. Parece que Iple va ganando la verdad!!! A mi también me encanta Lonnie con ese make, incluso cuando es tan tan popular. La quiero precisamente para tenerla con vestiditos asi jajaja.