Monday, 18 November 2013

Sewing Progress and Update :3

Lately I have been really busy at work, having to do almost one to two extra hours by day. With that, it took me a lot to have some of my projects done. I have been wanting to finish Coco's antlers, a new underwear for her using some cotton scrap I remembered I had, and finish out the things for the swap I entered. I will tackle out everything with pics ♥

First of all, Coco's antlers!! (Please, excuse the crappy pics, I will take better ones soon-ish)

The original antlers (unpainted) + magnets were a b-day gift from my dear friend. I also had the small flowers that I had bought years ago. I painted the antlers with acrylics, then glossed on, and made the tiny leaves with colored cold porcelain.
Coco will probably wear the antlers with the ponytails Angell-Studio wig I got for her, that is the exact same colour of the Coolcat one. The shoes for the mori outfit hasn't arrived yet, and now I have to start drawing patterns for the two dresses I want to make.

Next thing (not in chronological order) was to make Coco a new underwear -a decent one, not from satin and all sexy, but a regular one-. I remembered I had a little small fragment of cotton with blue silhouettes on it, but I knew it wasn't at hand. So I started going through all my fabrics stash -the very same that needs to be sorted up ASAP- when my hubby came, looked at some bag and told me "Wasn't this the scrap you were looking for?" Oh gods, how I love this guy!

Anyways, here is a crappy pic... no good light today for me :(

I tried to make a panty pattern, instead of using the regular one-piece small underwear. I ended up with three patterns: the regular underwear, a one piece panty, and this two pieces panty (in order to make the fabric's prints to look up on both sides.

And the last thing to share, for now, is this. I entered on a local swap and had to sew a two parts set, for a 26cm girl doll. It was really cute, so I made a sundress and a bunny hat, my mom taught me to crochet, and I crocheted the hat by my self with *a lot* of help from her, hahaha.

Here is the ensemble:

I still need to make a letter and one present for the doll owner, and then pack everything. I will do all that, after I come back from my trip.

That's right! I'm going on a business trip, again, from 11/20 to 11/23, so in those days you will see a self-publishing post in here, and I won't be able to answer comments, nor PM over DoA/Twitter anything. I'm sure I will have a lot of updates from the blogs I follow for when I come back.


  1. Que lindas cosas amiga!!! los cuernitos quedaron re bien!! :3 que lindas telas estampadas, con diseños tan chiquititos *u*
    te quedó re lindo el gorrito para el swap!!

    1. ¡Si amiga, los curnitos quedaron preciosos! Tengo que sacarles mejores fotos :3
      Las telas son retazos que tenía mi abuela ♥

  2. I love how the antlers turned out. Really cute. Looking forward to more pictures. ^^
    Also the set for the swap is looking really adorable. :)

    1. Thank you!! I will try to take pics featuring the antlers :3
      I really loved that swap set, it is what convinced me that I need a tiny hahaha

  3. Me encantó el conjunto que hiciste para el swap!! los estampados de tus telas son muy lindos, tienes buen ojo :D

    Ya te había mencionado creo lo lindo que quedaron los cuernitos, pero si no, aquí dejo constancia :D

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Si el conjuntito del swamp me terminó de convencer de que necesito una tiny jajajaja. Espero tomar mejores fotos de los cuernitos después!