Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Planning a Mori Outfit

Hello everyone!! Well, the other day I had an idea for making Coco a cute deer mori outfit. My dear friend gave me two cute pairs of horns for my birthday present, and one of them were some antlers, so I finally decided on painting them, adding some flowers, and make a matching outfit.

Here you can see the original antlers, unpainted, and with the flowers just on top, to see if they were going to work, proportion-wise. I bought that flowers on a hobby store more than two years ago.

More planning under the cut!

I started making some leaves, to put on the antlers alongside the flowers. The leaves are made in cold porcelain:

I did paint the antlers, wood-like, but I wanted to share them varnished and glossy... the thing is that I can't find the gloss anywhere on my house!! And the can was almost full!! *facepalms* Need to keep looking, I know it is there.

Anyway, I'm also gonna make a boatneck dress in white embroidered linen -if anything changes-, and a gathered skirt. It will be knee length or shorter, with a cute brown or fabric belt. Something like the image.

Picture courtesy of Etsy. Click image for link.

Finally, I will use the latest shoes I ordered for Coco from eBay. I think they will suit the style pretty decent! Coco will use them without leggins until I learn how to make some frilly cute ones.

Dollmasion Flat Shoes

I will maybe try to add a crochet scarf to the idea. So far, this is what I have in mind, but since I entered a swap, I need to put myself on that before tackling on this dress. Hope you like the idea!


  1. oohh va aquedar muy lindo!!! todo el conjunto es super tierno :3 ya quiero verlo terminado!!

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Ahora tengo que encontrar tiempo para hacerlo.

  2. Aah! I love the mori style. Someday I also want a cute mori outfit for one of my tinies.
    The horns look really cute, I can't wait to see how it all turns out! :D

    1. I also want to finish them! But I had to do some sewing for a swap. Hope to be back soon with this, and that the shoes will be here soon :3