Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Little Black Dress

Well, I know it was a week without posting, but a lot of things happened. One of them, is that my cat got pretty sick so we had to hurry to the vet -happily, he is better now. 

Okay, going back to the dolly things, I have had this dress in mind for so long. I made some shiny silver socks to go with it -with the objective to finally learn to make stretchy socks. And the main part was the lined dress. Every girl needs a black dress -I, personally, have two- that could match with almost everything... so I made it in parts, as I make the corsets.

The thing is, that when I was taking the first shots, a random idea came to my mind. I always picture Coco as a beautiful woman, possible a french model. So... what if I make a full photoshoot with the idea of a "theme" for a "fashion magazine" for which Coco was asked to model? *just saw 'The Devil Wears Prada' last night, hahaha*.

So here it is, hope you like them! Everything is under the cut!

Every girl needs a black dress...

And maybe, you can add a black shawl to cover from the cold of the night...

Or a fine buttoned poncho, to get an office look.

A white companion can enhance your appearance...

Or maybe a blouse, to change completely and be more informal.

And finally a bonus track showing off the socks:

Anyways, it is always the same. I'm super excited of the pics I'm taking while I'm doing them, and when I go to the computer to pick some and edit them, I think they are all trash =S. But I decided to post them anyways and share them, since I really like all of the ensembles I did with the dress and the crochet bits. 

All of the crochet parts were done by my mother as samples for our crochet commission store for which -if you are interested- we just did a price reduction!

Finally, I wanted to share that my hubby made me my dolly-closet and I'm slowly getting cute boxes for everything, so I think I will share it next month, when I get all of the remaining fabrics sorted and boxed out.


  1. que lindo el vestido!!!
    A mi tb me pasa eso mismo con las fotos, ando re feliz tomándolas y luego no me gusta ninguna cuando por fin las veo en el computador y termino sin postear nada, o una que luego le agarro odio eterno XD!! Pero tus fotos están muy lindas!
    Me encanta El diablo se viste a la moda, la he visto mil veces yo creo X)

    1. Gracias! Si, me da on odio cuando me sucede eso con las fotos!! Pero las tuyas son todas preciosas y de calidad! :3
      La película fue muy buena, la actuación de Meryl Strip me dejó fascinada!

  2. wow!!! que sexy!! sensacional el vestido. Te felicito

    1. ¡Gracias! A mi me encantó como cambia con todos los chals :3

  3. Hermoso vestido!! te quedó genial! me encanta ♥

    1. ¡Gracias! Yo estoy super contenta con ese vestido :3