Saturday, January 25, 2014

Musicians, Saxophone and Flute - Musume's 10 Facts

Hello!! Well, last year I asked if someone was interested in me doing this, so as some 'yes' popped up, I thought on giving it a try.
So, here I was, thinking on a good photo of me and Coco to post along this 10 Facts, when nothing good came up. Until one day I decided to ask my hubby about it, and he told me to take a pic of Coco playing her saxophone, and me playing my real flute, with Coco giving me some 'instructions' on how to position my fingers. I thought it was awesome, and asked him to help me, since I have no tripod, I wasn't going to be able to hold the camera *and* the flute at the same time.

I did some extra pictures of Coco and the saxophone (a gift from my mom that I later realized I never photographed before) because I couldn't hold myself, she was looking so good. Anyways, here is the pic, and the 10 Facts are below the cut.

So, I decided to do this '10 Facts' more about myself, and later do a 'BJD Confessions' too. I hope you will like them. After the facts there are some more pics of Coco.
  1. In the pic you can see my engagement ring. My hubby and I are not formally married, but since we live together since almost two years, we call each other hubby/wife since to us a couple of papers doesn't make the difference on what we feel. I love him so so much.
  2. I'm an Engineer, and I work on a research center as I'm doing a PhD. To me, this is one of my greatest achievements in my career so far, and I'm really proud of it.
  3. I'm a perfectionist, not only in my work, but also in my hobby.
  4. I do play flute. I went to a music school since I was really young, and graduated from the music as a 'Music Teacher'. I can play Flute, Piccolo and Piano, but due to financial issues, I was only able to buy myself a Flute.
  5. I used to write a lot of stories from different kinds, but I never feel comfortable trying to 'shell' one of those characters in a doll. I love Coco as she is.
  6. I adore my hubby. That man changed me a lot and made me be a better person. Also, he is really supportive with my hobby, he would always hear me talking about this or that company/artist that he even knows some names.
  7. I'm a gamer! And I play with my hubby. From the not-online games, my two favorite game sagas are Need for Speed and Devil May Cry.
  8. I love driving my car, it is one of treasures. It was from my grandfather and he gave it to me a couple years before passing out.
  9. One day -hubby and I only had a couple weeks living together- my hubby came home from work and found out a starving gray kitty on the street. He told me 'he is looking at me as Shrek's cat' so we took it home. He was really sick, and we had to take him to the vet several times, but now he is a strong and loving cat. We love him. I should post a pic of him, haha.
  10. I'm a fan of Lord of The Rings! I wish I could speak elvish!

Okay, so that's it. I hope to not bother you all with this, and I hope to do the confessions soon. Here are more pics of Coco:

And those were the pics. The ones where you can see my hand were took by the hubby, since I couldn't hold both things myself -the camera and the flute-. I hope you liked this post, and will see you soon!


  1. que lindos los facts!!! yo siempre he amado el piano pero nunca aprendí, soy un desastre musical en todo sentido ajaja. Me gustó este post, sin duda uno de mis favoritos

    1. ¡Gracias! Si yo me defendía en el piano, pero como nunca me pude comprar uno, hace unos años que no practico. Me alegro que te haya gustado el post! :3

  2. I love the pictures! What a great idea to use yourself in them. :3 It's very cute!

    I love your 10 facts. They're all so interesting. I'm wondering if I should post 10 facts about myself too?
    I'd never imagined you as a gamer, how cool! :D
    It's so wonderful you love your hubby so much! :3

    1. Thanks!! The idea was pretty cool, but it was my hubby's :3
      I would love to read 10 facts about you! We should make this a meme!

  3. la mayoría las sabía! jaja no sabía que también tocabas piano! cuando hagamos quedada en casa vas a tener para entretenerte, porque tengo un piano de media cola jajaja
    yo tengo un libro para aprender a hablar élfico :P

    1. ¡Amiga que genia! Jajajaja Te reto a que hagas el meme ahora :3
      Y me tienes que prestar el libro de élfico, debe ser muy entretenido.

  4. Great photos of Coco and really interesting facts about you! :D I love Lord of the Rings as well. Hope I can pull myself together to read the books soon. xD

    Also thinking that I should do 10 facts about myself someday. :3

    1. Thank you dear! Read the books, you will love them. And I would love to read the 10 facts about you!