Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feedback for ForMyDoll

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for getting delayed again, but last weeks has been really crazy. Plus, the awful weather doesn't help at all. I'm sorry for the lack of picture on this feedback, but I couldn't take it because I had no natural light! It is forecasted to be sunny on saturday, so I'm hoping to snap it there, and update this post as soon as posible.

Well, this is the feedback for ForMyDoll, regarding the small wig order I made.

 * What did you order?
A wig, the code is [FMDM-1042] Color 8, in Lati Yellow size.

* When did you order?
January the 13th.

* How was the communication?
We did not have any, it wasn't neccesary. I just placed the order, paid by Paypal, and some days after, checked the Order page and found it was already shipped and it had a tracking number. They did not send any email with the tracking number.

* How easy was it to pay?
Easy, by Paypal.

* How long did it take to ship?
Not much, I ordered on January the 13th, and they shipped on January the 17th.

* Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
The wig is perfect, the fiber is really strong and nice. It came in a wignet inside a bag, and surrounded with a carboard oval that prevented the wig from getting crushed. And it was shipped on a pink box. So cute!
The price is amazing to me, just exactly want doesn't sound too much nor too cheap.

* Did the item look like the sales pictures?
Just like the pics, yeah.

* Were you satisfied with the product?
Truly! I really liked the wig, and they even sent me a small gift -a pair of small and cute hairpins.

* If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?

* Would you order from this company again?
Yes! I would order lots of wigs, and would hope they have shoes for that time too!

* Would you buy this company's products second-hand?
Maybe, I don't know. I'm not used to buy second hand.


  1. I'm happy you were satisfied with your experience. :) I just love ForMyDoll! Great quality, fair prices and they offer airmail. The only thing I could "complain" about is the lack of colors. But no companies are perfect. :D

    1. Yeah, I love that airmail, it came out just so fast!! I think they have decent amount of natural colours... maybe they lack fantasy ones?

    2. I'm not even interested in fantasy colors, haha. It's just I need very specific shades of, let's say blonde. But they only offer two kinds. A very light blonde and a beige-ish blonde that could also count as a light brown. But there's so many shades besides those two. I would have loved if they offered a strawberry blonde or a golden blonde. :P But I'll just have to find them somewhere else.
      On a positive note, I adore their brown/black-ish mix of the dark brown. It's so gorgeous.

    3. Ah like that! Yes, it is true. They have few shades of each colour, but I think they will eventually add more. If I want more wigs, I definitely buy from them!