Monday, 10 February 2014

Resin Shoes Planning :3

Well, it is known my struggle for cute shoes for Coco, and that there isn't so many cute heels in MNF/slim mini size. The other day, I was spotting Withdoll site to check out any possibles updates with my order, and found a lot of resin shoe parts for the girls! I *so* want them!

Some of them are only the shoe, and other have some small foot part in the doll's resin colour. I'm a little worried about those because -and if I end up buying them- I don't know if they will match Coco's resin... I think they will, Coco is boxed almost all the time, unless I'm playing with her. And besides, I wan't them in colours and so far, Withdoll only offers them in black, but I have seen some girls on DoA with the pumps in pink or painted. So I will list all the shoes I want, and the colour I would be painting them. All images belong to WD and are linked to their sales page.

First of all, I want this heels in glossy black. So chic:

Pumps. Love the sole cut, and the heel. So modern!

The next one are peep toes pumps. I love them! I had one pair for myself, but they broke because I used them a lot, hahaha. Anyways, I want this pair in glossy white!

This pair was released with the new Eliza the Snow Queen fullset, and in that fullset, you can get them in clear resin! So cool!

Peep toe shoes. I love the cut in the front, they look so amazing.
So here, have some fangirling over the shoes:

The next pair are the basic pumps. I want them in bright and glossy red. As Turbow once said, something like that is a very chic and rare finding in doll size. This pair come with the feet part you can see on the pic, so I might be worried about resin matching...

The pumps I want in red. They were from the original Vampire Rachel fullset.

Ok, and the last one are the V-cut botties. I want them in dark silver, maybe glossy, maybe sparkled... I don't know. I don't like the normal booties, but this pair is so damn amazing!! As you can see, this pair also comes with a little foot inside it:

V-cut booties. Originally released for the Luna Limited Edition fullset.

Ok, so they cost 30$ each pair, and I want four pairs... that brings a total of 120$ plus shipping. They only ship trough EMS that means instant-custom-detention-plus-big-taxes-due. I wish they would ship something like this in registered airmail. Anyways, I'm planning and wishing but I can't buy them yet, so... only planning. At least it is fun! :D

What do you think about the shoes?


  1. Wow, they have some awesome shoes! But the price is not cheap and EMS and custom fees just make everything even more expensive. :/
    But I hope you'll be able to get them all. I think they would look so great on Coco! :)

    1. Well, to be honest, they have a regular price... it is rare to find cheaper shoes that aren't on Taobao. The problem here is the EMS and having to pay custom fees just for shoes. Anyways, thanks! I also think they would look awesome on Coco. Hope I can get them someday.