Wednesday 12 March 2014

Coco Selfies + Dolly Questions

Hello! I don't know how this happened, but I almost forgot to post this! Well, it is a little mixed post, but I wanted to do it anyways. In the first part I want to share some "dolly questions" I did on my Tumblr last week. I got only 3 asks, but I want to share my answers here on my main dolly blog. 

In the last part, I want to share two pics of Coco, one in selfie style, and the other one with a rement I got from the local swap I participated last year. So, here are some of the questions+answers:

5. What comes first, the doll or the dolls name?
In the two cases (both Coco, and Cookie that is on her way to me), the sculpt came first. But also in both cases their names where chosen because of my hubby: Coco is part of a saying we have, and Cookie is part of a joke. I don’t want to reveal more than that :)

15. What’s the most important part of a head sculpt for you?
That it doesn’t like bobble headed… I get annoyed at sculpts that have a big forehead and a tiny little chin. I love realistic sculpts, more “oval” heads.

6. Do you have a favorite company and why?
I love Withdoll! Their dolls are great, mature minis with realistic proportions -what I love. They offer a lot of skintones, and the quality is awesome. Also, the price is decent in my eyes, and they do a lot of events, hahaha.

9. What kinds of wigs do you like, fiber, mohair, or fur?
Well, when I was trying to get a wig for Coco, I wanted mohair, but got her some heat-resistant fiber ones for her… now I love fiber, straight fiber, since it is easier to comb and get to look less messy.

17. BJD couples, what is acceptable in your eyes?
I will try to explain as better as I can. I accept almost anything (I mean genders/identities of the dolls), as far as the doll owner is happy with the couple. I don’t like adult-looking dolls with child-looking dolls, nor two child-looking dolls on NSFW stuff. In regards of pics, anything near NSFW that isn’t artistic or well done, is not my type either.

20. How do you name your dolls?
I told it on my last answer, but in both cases their names are related to saying that my hubby and I have in common. I could almost say that he was the one that picked up the names :)

10. Is your collection made of human, fantasy, or a mix of dolls?
Resin BJDs I have only humans, both Coco and the incoming Cookie (that is still trapped on customs!! T_T), but I originally wanted an elf 1/4 sized girl. I also have two kitty anthros that are handmade :3 BUT, I must confess I have a fantasy girl planned, but I don’t know if I will ever get her.

19. What is your favorite doll you own?
Coco, my Withdoll Basic Rachel. I love her so much! It took me a lot of time to get her -I will leave that story for another time- so I really love her, not only for all the joy she brings to me, but also because I acknowledge her value and how much it cost me -not in monetary terms- to bring her home.

Those were the Q/A. If you want to ask me for the other ones, here is my Tumblr.

Aaaand! Here some Coco spam!

Did I say how much I love this girl? I know, 3 photosets with the same clothing... next time something different, as I'm sewing a commission and will need to take proper pics at the end. 

Have a nice week, everyone!

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