Friday 14 March 2014

Cookie's Arrival! - Box Opening

Finally Cookie is home!!!! And she is more gorgeous than I thought she would be! I love her skin tone, she poses like a dream (I was able to duplicate all of her promo posing pics) and looks so tiny-cheesy-adorable!! :3 I was really scared after ordering, because I saw some owner pics and they made look the Brown Tan UV as really red, but it isn't. It is a natural light brown colour, really nice.

She is 16cm tall, french resin (the urethane Brown Tan wasn't available when I ordered her) and uses 10mm glass eyes. Her face-up is the default, but I asked two changes: chocolate brown brows -instead of the blond ones- and no black dots at the sides of the mouth. The quality of the face-up received is astounding!

Anyways, at first, Coco went to check the box, in case it was some shoes for her. Pics are not great, the camera was running out of charge, and I wanted to do the full opening :3

Next,the mandatory upside-down korean fragile sticker:

The inside of the box, with lots of foam. The main doll box is that crystal clear plastic box. So cute and adorable! It opens from the top.

Got some white and cream white samples from Withdoll...

The dolly box! With lots of goodies!

As you can see, the head came not assembled to the body. She also came with some Glib acrylics eyes, and an extra pair of hands.

The CoA:

The Glib acrylic eyes:

The extra "sleepy" hands, as my hubby calls them. They are free, as I did not pay extra to get them.

The head came separated from the body, with a faceup protector, and completely protected in two layers of bubble wrap. Here is with the protector:

The body came inside two bags of bubble wrap. Here was with one layer only:

And then, standing as a rock after removing the wrap. Also, assembling her head was really easy:

With her default eyes. 10mm DD-Anne Imperfect Glass eyes:

And here some pics of her with Coco, wearing her FMD wig in Color 8.

Well, that was all. I will do a review on her body during this weekend, because OMG she poses like a dream come true! I wish Coco will have the same joints on her legs.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading me!

-> You can also see the opening over DoA <-


  1. hermosa!! felicidades por la llegada!! ya quiero ver los vestiditos que vas a hacer para ella *0*

    1. Gracias amiga!! Estoy muy contenta con ella!! :3

  2. que bonita felicidades!!! se ve super linda junto a Coco

    1. ¡Gracias! ¡Sí, me tiene encantada, es hermosa!

  3. Felicitaciones!! es realmente hermosa, me encanta el color de cabello que has elegido para tu Cuqui, se ven hermosas juntas

    1. ¡Gracias! A mi también me encanta y creo que el color de cabello le queda hermoso :3

  4. Congrats! She just looks so adorable!

    1. Thank you!! She is so cute and perfect!