Sunday 23 March 2014

Withdoll 16cm Body Posing Challenge! [Updated]

Well, the only tiny dolls I had were Kitty and Leo, and since both of them were handmade, their posing is pretty limited. During a swap last year I had to sew for a tiny girl, and really liked it, so when Withdoll came up with the 16cm body and their posing promotion, I decided I wanted a tawny little girl. I big plus for me, was the fact of having an awesome poser, and a small doll that could enjoy a diorama.

So, after getting Cookie, I decided I would do a "challenge" and try to reproduce all of her posing promo pics. And I did! I also asked Withdoll to let me use the pics, so here you will see some promo/owner comparisons :3

Hope you will like them!

So, here we go...! White background is the promo pic, and the hearts background is Cookie, my own owner pics :3 

(Please excuse that I did not change the hands!)

Then, it happened:

Cookie: I'm hungry my tummy is aching!
Me: Just some more pics...

Cookie: I think I'll sit...

Cookie: I'm hungry again... >:(

Me: Okay, this is the last one!
Cookie: Thanks!

Hubby: ...and how many pics did yo take already??
Me: I think 200, but let me check... *checking* 539!!!!!
Hubby: OMG! O_o

Well, that was all! Those were a lot of pics and poses, and I must say that once you get the hang of how this body joints works, you can do anything. She is adorable, a great poser, and stands like a rock. She also came tightly strung.

Anyways I love her and hope you have liked the Posing Challenge :3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

UPDATE! [February the 7th, of 2015]

I did all the photos once more, this time with better lights, better background and a far better camera than last time. I must confess I'm surprise: after almost a year with no suede and no restringing, Cookie still poses as well as when I got her. Hurray!

Anyways, Withdoll has uploaded a Posing video to their Youtube Channel, and you can see two amazing and cute dollies, posing together.


  1. Excelentes poses! Me encanta esta niñita, posa fantástico

    1. ¡Sí, es preciosa! Me encanta la verdad :3

  2. posa muy bien!! que paciencia reproducir todas esas poses!! jajaja

    1. ¡Sí, me llevó mucho encima sacaba muchas fotos! Pero fue muy divertido :3

  3. It's really amazing that such a small doll, can pose this well! Great job! :D

    1. Thanks!! Yes it is amazing!! She is really tightly strung, but I think that it also helps on her posing.

  4. Adoro a Cookie!!! es adorable con esas orejas de gato!! me encantaron estas fotos

    1. ¡Gracias! Si, las orejitas le quedan precioso :3