Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cookie & the Crystal Shoes

Yes, just like a crappy heroes movie, hahaha. Anyways, hubby and I went out on Sunday to a local artisan fair, and we found an old guy that used to work on a glassware, and he did all of this tiny things on crystal, like pandas, frogs, and more. I fell in love with a pair of earrings that were some clear heels, and hubby bought them for me!

I was also sewing for Cookie -and this is such a challenge. My big issue right now is to find something like velcro or snaps that doesn't look out of proportions, because the ones I have for Coco are too big for Cookie. I also tried to make an A-line dress and it sucked hardly, so I went for a classic top+gathered skirt + panties, and it worked decently. I'm gonna make something matching for Coco, with this fabric.

Hope you like this, Cookie is still missing a hat with bunny ears, but my mom is knitting a commission and I won't ask her a hat until she is finished :3

(Excuse the pics effects, I was *aiming* for something fantasy-like)

Cookie: What is that? *go and grabs a shoe*

Cookie: Are this Cinderella's shoes?
Me: no, they are my earrings!
Cookie: But they are huge!

Excuse the dialog, this girls makes me imagine stories, hahaha. Here is a closeup to one of the shoes:

My crappy camera declared war against sheerness and clear shoes, hahahaha. It was so hard to get it to focus on the shoes and capture the crystal in a half decent way.

Hope you like this!


  1. Cookie is so cute! But I can imagine how hard it must be to sew for such a teeny cutie. x__x

    1. It is kind of hard on getting the appropriate fabrics, but my main issue right now is getting something in scale to make the closure in the dress!

  2. Cookie is just too adorable! ♥ The dress you made for her looks really cute - I can't wait to see what other sewing you will do for her when you find the right in scale things for it. :)

    1. Thank you dear! I want to make her a ballerina outfit, since she poses so well :3 I really hope I can get the in scale things, too :)