Sunday 30 March 2014

Liebster Blogger Award - Dolly Tag!

Hello! Well, sometime ago I got nominated by Lise from Red Riding Hood to do this award. It is like a meme, with lots of dolly questions. You have to answer the questions, then come up with 11 new questions, and tag some dolly blog owners to do this.

I will answer the pics and then do the tagging thing:

1. What is the next doll you have planned?
I have three dolls thought, but I don't know if I will ever buy them:
  •     Fortuna, a Withdoll Ruby hybrid with a Fairyland MNF moe-line body.
  •     Chanel, would be a Soom Rosette Marguerite/Mia/Vela with Girl Muse body.
  •     Hazel, but the name is still in progress. an Iplehouse JID Violet in Light Brown.

2. Most people in the BJD hobby have characters for their dolls. Assuming you do too, how did the character come to be?
I think my dolls have more of a "personality" and "style" rather than being characters of a story, that will rigurously wer/not wear some kind of things. BUT today while I was snapping some pictures, I started thinking on more characters, two of them the ones I named in question 1).

3. Do your dolls have a theme song and if so which one(s)?
OMG this is a hard question. I never thought of it before, so with my hubby's help (poor man, he is so supportive of all my stupidity and hobbies and wanting) I came across some:
  • Coco: With or Without You, by U2 - Nice suggestion by hubby, because Coco has that personality that makes you love her, but she can be too demanding and stressful, so sometimes people have to separate a little from her, but later they will come again.
  • Hazel: not in dolly form yet, she is Cookie's big sister and Coco's best friend and room mate. Her song will be Troublemaker by Hyuna & JS.
  • Cookie: I still couldn't find one. I will share it when I find it.

4. Where do you prefer to talk about dolls? (DoA, blogs, Tumblr, other?)
I really like talking and sharing on DoA, but I love more my blog. I have a lot of fun planning the posts, taking the pictures, and sharing what I do here :3
I like Flickr too, and since my pics have really few faves, I get really excited when I see that someone commented/faved my pic hahaha.

5. What do you like the most about the doll hobby?
They are my way out, my calming down. I love my job, but sometimes people get shitty, and things get stressing, and the work amount increases... so they help me un-stress. Thanks to my hubby and to my dolls, I get home and forget about work.

6. What do you like the least about the doll hobby?

I HATE RECAST. This doesn't mean I will start a witch hunt, or something like that. But I really hate seeing recast, and I don't comment nor like pictures of recasted dolls.

7. Do you dream of any kind of doll that does not yet exist?
Yes. A mature (like 30 years old) Caucasian male doll, in 45~47cm tall, with real proportions. I basically want a male SD like Iple Viktor in 1/4 size.

8. Do you have any irl friends who share your hobby?
I have made a friend through the hobby but  we live in different cities :(

9. If you could get 1 free doll right now, which doll would you choose?
Hazel, the Iplehouse Violet in Light Brown, with Glamour bust, the mobility body.

10. Have you gotten any new friends through the doll hobby?
Yes!! :D That is one of the bests parts.

11. Honestly, do you think you'll ever lose your interest in dolls?
Ugly question T_T But I don't know. I hope not to.

So, here I tag:

And my questions will be:
  1. Do you have stories for your dolls? If so, do you keep one or more?
  2. If your dolls could read... which will be their faved books?
  3. Do your dolls like a particular fashion style?
  4. Have you ever went out with your dolls in public?
  5. What do you enjoy the most in this hobby?
  6. Do you have any fear regarding your dolls?
  7. Which is your fave artist or company?
  8. Use 5 words to describe each of your dolls :3
  9. Where are you more active (DoA, blogs, Tumblrs, Flickr) and why?
  10. Do you dislike a type of doll? (regarding joints, aesthethics, and not owned dolls).
  11. If you are given 500$ and can spend it only in dolls... what will you use it for?

And that was all! Hope you liked the answers and dare to do the tag!

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