Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BJD Confessions

Yay, finally doing this! I have promised I will do the BJD Confessions and I'm finally tackling it! I also came up with a photo for this, and took it when I did the Black Flower photoshoot. I still need to do to shots, one for Coco and one for Cookie, and I hope to do it this weekend or the next one.

Anyways, feel free to take this as a tag/meme and do it if you haven't already! I hope you will like my confessions, after the cut.

  1. I'm really picky about eyes size and position. The eyes must be well positioned, and they must show some white in order the doll to appeal to me. 

  2. I really admire people who make elaborate stories for their dolls, and share them. I'm always so hesitant to make something, and end up thinking people will laugh at me for the stories I make... I don't know.

  3. I'm anti-recast. I don't tolerate them, nor appreciate them in any way. I also don't like people who buy recast at all.

  4. I once considered getting a 1/3 female doll just for the sake of the heels I could buy her, but after sewing a commission for an EID, I felt overwhelmed at their size, and decided they are not for me. I will stick with 1/4 size.

  5. I'm afraid of getting a doll without face up and having to send it to an artist. It scares me it could get lost in the mail, or that I should pay ginormous custom taxes, twice, for the same doll.

  6. I always end up thinking that my sewing skills aren't good enough, and end up postponing lots of dresses I want to make.  

  7. Don't know if you know but... I'm kind of a shoeaholic. I love how detailed the doll shoes are, and how tiny, but I get really frustrated on finding stuff for 1/4 that is 5.5cm length and not Volks MSD size that are way too wide, too long and too childish for the dolls I like.

  8. Sometimes I will hug Coco ever so slightly and softly, caring of not damage her, because she is so adorable! My hubby always laughs when I do that.

  9. This hobby has taught me lots of things, and I have improved my sewing skills, and I want to think that -even if my pics aren't stunning- that I'm a little better at taking pics. I can't wait to have a decent camera, but there are some other things to buy first.

  10. Since I found about BJD's, two years passed by until I was able to afford my first doll -Coco. I was a penniless college student, and only had money for text books, so there was no way I could have afforded her before. BUT, I think she came home right on time.

So! I know this aren't great, but this are my confessions. I was thinking that maybe I should join a BJD challenge, like the written questions of BJD-Addicts,  or something, but I don't want to make anything too structured that could become stressfull. We'll see :D


  1. Great pic :) I like the detail of the flower!

    Also great to read the confessions.
    I, too, have turned 100% anti-recast. I used to be neutral, but after witnessing how it infested the whole Danish community, it made me sick. s: I can't stand it and I prefer not to befriend people who collect them.

    1. Thank you! That flower is a hairpin of mine! I often wear it in dates with hubby :3
      I'm exactly like you. Recast infected all my local community and I don't like people who have them :(
      Glad you liked the confessions!

  2. Haha, I'd say if you were considering a 1/3 scale girl just for the shoes you could buy her, you being a shoe-a-holic isn't quite so much of a shocker XD

    This was a great little set of answers! I'm really particular about eyes as well.

    1. Hahaha, yes, the shoeaholic thing is so true :P
      I'm glad you liked the answers, too! :3

  3. I totally relate to #6 - every now and then I have to remind myself that if I don't at least make an attempt at the more complicated sewing projects then I'll never improve at all! ;)

    1. You have a point. And that is why I'm currently researching to do a project different of what I usually do, in order to learn new things :3
      Thanks for reading!