Saturday, April 5, 2014

Some Pics and Some Venting

Well, this pics are kind of "old", as I took them last week while I was playing flute, and both Coco and Cookie were near me. The black/red box with velvet where Coco is sat is my flute's original Yamaha box :3 I can't believe my flute is 11 years old already.

Some more pics and important rambling after the cut :3

Cookie was in my stand, between some scores. She looks so tiny!

That amazing quilt you see on the background was crocheted by my mom, as a gift for hubby and I. We love to use it, and also it is really beautiful.

I'm sorry for Coco being wearing the same outfit, but I'm going through a sewing blockade :( I have a lot of things on mind, but I either screw it up, or end up hating what I sew. I sincerely don't know what the hell is happening, and I really want to make Coco something new, but I'm so tired of wasting my time, the fabrics, and all the enthusiasm on something that ends up looking like garbage. 

I wanted to make a matching outfit for Coco with the same fabric I used for Cookie, but it looks awful, and I don't even want to was a snap or velcro on that skirt.

I'm sorry for this last negativity on the post, but I needed to take that out of me. Gonna search for Korean fashion, to see if I can inspire myself to do something half way decent for Coco :(


  1. I'm sorry about your sewing blockade :( I get that with writing too. It's just awful.
    I hope it'll be over soon for you!
    The pictures are very cute, though. :)

    1. I think it will eventually pass, so for now will focus on other things, and I believe the sewing inspiration will come up.
      I'm glad you liked the pics!

  2. oh, no te preocupes, a todos nos sucede un bloqueo de creatividad de vez en cuando. Me sucede que trato de lograr algo perfecto y nunca estoy conforme. Ten paciencia. Ya te saldrá algo lindo. Tal vez estés muy cansada. Disfruta de tus niñas, un par de días, y ya verás que algo lindo se te ocurrirá. Saluditos.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Sí, supongo que es lo que voy a hacer hasta tanto pueda coser algo bonito otra vez. :)

  3. Oh my, I didn't know you were a flute player too! My flute's a Yamaha as well ;3;
    Good luck with your sewing! Hopefully taking a small break from whatever's frustrating you will help.

    1. Oh that is so cool!! :3
      Yeah, I hope it will help, too. For now, at least, I'm recharging my energies!