Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Planning Plans

Hello! Well, I have been debating on if I should or not post this, or not so... I had wrote a draft blogspot telling somethings about an idea for a story for my dolls, but I get so ashamed to share it, that I ended up deleting the draft and deciding to not post it T_T

Anyways, I have decided to post this. I was talking with hubby and he said to me that I want so much cheap things, that I keep posponing the expensier ones. And this is how I decided that a good idea would be to organize myself and see what I want.

First, lets go with some do's:
  • Take a pic of Coco I have thought of, with her wearing her new dress.
  • Finally write the "BJD Confessions" post I have been thinking for so long. Maybe take a pic for it, too. Maybe I just got an idea for it.
  • Take the new pics for the Crochet Portfolio.
  • I thought about a gift outfit for Calina, my mom's doll, so maybe I should tackle it now.

And now the buy's under the cut:
  • I'm really close to finishing the dolly closet I have been putting up with hubby's help. I think I just need for more boxes, what would be aroung 17$, and getting them in a store a block away from home, so I think this is a good start. Plus, having to organize all the remaining fabrics will get me on the mood again :3
  • So, here comes the debate. I found a local artisan that could make me a stepladder for around 15$ (including shipping), I was thinking on getting Cookie some new shoes, commission another local artisan for some shoes for Coco, buying Cookie a diorama (expensier than the rest), and making Coco a couch/sofa for some pics... I will try to put an order for that:
    1. Make Coco's sofa. It would be a project for me, and I hope this would turn out ok and half decent, because if it ends up ugly, I will be really sad :(
    2. Get Cookie some shoes? So she can have more than cyan boots.
    3. Maybe get Coco the shoes. I'm a shoe addict and that artisan had really nice prices.
    4. Get Cookie the diorama. It is around 200$ with the shipping included and free of taxes gived that is from another local collector, so I think it is worthy. I hope to be decided for when I get on this.
    5. Get the stepladder for Coco. If she has the sofa, she can make with it until I get this.

Well, no pics for today but I really hope this helps. I will tackle some of the "pics do's" this weekend -hopefully, if sun is high and shining- and I will try to do the rest of the things as I planned. And maybe, someday I will stop feeling ashamed for trying to share some story of my dolls.

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