Saturday, April 12, 2014

Black Flower

Well, after the horrible sewing blockade of the other day, I decided to make some plans to organize myself, and do other dolly things besides sewing. I think this is not only going pretty well, but I'm having so much fun after a hard week at work!

So far, things are coming along nicely. Today I woke up to a horrible cloudy day, but the sun starting emerging and I made a big set up for Coco. My mom gave me the dress she is wearing, and I was really inspired to take a particular pic of Coco wearing it. I originally wanted a purple satin fabric as the background, but none of the one I had were big enough, so I picked out this dark blue at my mom's... and it was the perfect choice!!

I will put a better resolution on Flickr. Also, under the cut there are more pics, most of them as zooms on different parts of the setup.

This one came out too shiny for my taste:

And on her knees:

The dress has a lots of parts:
  • Outer and main dress, done in crochet by my mom.
  • Inner pencil satin skirt, handsew by me.
  • Inner black bandou, handsew by me.
  • Tight high silver socks, handsew by me.
  • The evil apple, done in crochet by my mom.

Well, I'm really happy about the first pic... I thought of taking it for more than a week! Now I just came up with the idea for a sister pic, with mostly white features. Hope to take it on next weekend!  And also, I have an idea for a clothing gift for Calina :3

So much things to do! Now, onto finish my dolly closet!


  1. WOW!!! Las fotos te han quedado fantásticas!! Coco salió preciosa. Eso me hace falta a mí, aprender a sacar buenas fotografías. Es una de mis metas.

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Me alegro mucho que te gusten, hace bastante que quería sacar esta foto :3 Yo creo que es cuestión de práctica... aunque eventualmente me compraré una cámara.

  2. hermoso!! cuanto trabajo *u*