Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Dolly Closet

Ohhh yes! This has been a want-to-do and a project for a really long time! I even put this on the Resolutions for 2014, and in the plan I made some time ago, and I did it on time and form! So *so* happy about this!

Well, everything started when hubby and I re-arranged some rooms in the house, and I decided I wanted a closet for all my dolly stuff. The closet is one door tall (2m approx), 1.10m wide, and has 60cm of depth. It is not a walking closet that would be a dream, but I think it is pretty big. Hubby made the shelves for me with the help of my dad who loves to work with wood!

It has four shelves (counting up the floor) and I arranged them this way:

Top shelf:
From left to right: flower props, linens, lace fabrics, cottons/nylons, stretchy jerseys, and the big orange/yellow boxes are satins and chiffons. Those boxes are from a really resistant cardboard, and I bought them and a paper-store near my house. They were like 4.5$ each.

Second shelf:
The green and orange small boxes on the left contains my nail polishes and my hairpins, and those boxes were made by me some years ago. I wanted to add pics of them, but forgot to take them and the ones I had are really old and bad quality.
Then we have Coco's stand, and a wood wig-stand that my skilled dad made for me so I use it to comb the wigs. Behind that, is a small mannequin I did in 2012 I think...
The small purple box is my main sewing box, also made by myself some years ago. Inside it has some matching flasks with buttons and other bits, because before getting into BJDs, I started sewing by making stuffed animals :3
And the tree boxes (you can only see two on the pic) contains the shoes+props (on a silver hidden one), the wigs (the horizontally stripped one) and clothes (the bigger reddish one) of my dolls.

Third shelf:
 This has all the dolly boxes. The small white box contains Kitty and Leo, then the big Withdoll box is Coco's, and the small stripped one is Cookie's. I had to make a custom box because the clear plastic box she came in wasn't secure enough to store her. 
Yes, my dolls are always in their boxes unless I'm playing with them. Sometimes I sit them near me, but before going to sleep at night, I store them again.
Finally, the big stripped box contains my purses! :3

Bottom shelf:
All the boxes are fabrics, containing tulle, tests muslin,  fabrics for stuffed animals, and other thing I can't remember. The red box with doggies has my shipping supplies: bubble wrap, the glitter pens, the paper I use to send letters to customers, and the cards we printed.
The small blue tupper is empty, and I use it to store the currently-in-use threads and supplies while I'm sewing something.
The white tube in there was made by my grandma in 2011, and I use it to store the papers I use as backgrounds for my pics.

Here are some oldies of the handmade boxes I said before. Please excuse the quality, this is old! 

Well, that was all! Just one pic, I know, but I didn't knew what else to photoshoot! Hahaha. Ok, anyways, now I'm really ashamed because with some things on the hobby I'm really shy. Anyways, thanks for reading :3

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