Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Black & White

Well, the other day I did a pant for Coco using a new pattern, and dress her really comfy. It was really hazy and cloudy outside, but I thought that maybe I could try practice photographing under those circumstances. I made a small set-up as if Coco were sleeping on her bed, and did some shots. Then, I played way too much with the PSD, and ended up with a bunch of black & white pictures that I really liked :3

More pics under the cut...

And here is the last one, both in colors and with the edit:

On other news, I think this weekend I will start the long modern hanbok, and will be doing a Project Journal on DoA, and announcing it here, too.


  1. Muy buenas las fotos, la 2 y la 3 son mis preferidas. Coco es realmente bella